Zhu L forexbrokercashbackjing quotes: Bruce Lees spirit deeply moved me, from that day onwards my heart has a cry: Best forex trade cashback want to do the Chinese futures market Bruce Lee! In fact, the futures market profit method bestcashbackprogramsforex very simple, you do not have to struggle to find you want to know the futures market profit method is in fact very simple, but you want to profit in the futures market is not simple to get "Hu Jia knife method" half a page can become a first-class master, thus I associate a famous philosopher Nietzsche said a sentence: in your foothold to dig deep down, there will be a spring gushing out! My investment philosophy: simple, direct, effective I think the intra-day Bestforextradecashback of this model suitable for most people from the intra-day trend on the classification, I think there are only six kinds of the first: narrow consolidation, the second: wide oscillation, the third: diffusion triangle, the fourth: unilateral trend, the fifth: with a wide range of adjustment trend, the sixth: V-shaped reversal potential trend and consolidation itself is not a clear-cut line of demarcation. How do you identify it? Programmed cashback forex is actually a study of choice at the right time on the right species to do a transaction in the right direction shooting target action essentials, is three points a line so simple then capture the trend essentials are actually more simple, I give you four words: wait for the rabbit in the market must be planted a big tree waiting for it, or in the trend of the road blocking robbery if your shooting target is a If your target is an elephant, I think the dumbest people will be able to hit it, and this is what I mean by volatility filtering You must pick the most volatile species to do intraday trend trading In fact, I am a little torn inside today, torn in what place? I am very afraid that someone said I published a book is to make money, because three years ago I wrote a book called "genius mechanical manipulation", after the publication of this book, many people said me: you published a book is to make money three years later today I published a book "futures market interceptor", I am particularly afraid that others say I, in fact, this time the earthquake publishers really only give me 10,000 yuan manuscript fee, but the day before yesterday I called the earthquake publishers, I I said: my manuscript fee I do not want, you give me in exchange for 1,000 books then this 1,000 books is also the hands of everyone on the scene today to get this book "Term Market Interceptor" (Note: the organizers presented participants each a "Term Market Interceptor")   I usually rarely watch television, in fact, a very chance, one day in 2009, I suddenly saw the CCTV in the broadcast of a I watched the TV series, called "The Legend of Bruce Lee", I was very moved after watching the spirit of Bruce Lee deeply moved me, from that day onwards my heart has a cry: I want to do the Chinese futures market Bruce Lee! Then also because of such a desire, so you see in your hands this "futures market interceptor" today I only have 15 minutes, but I want to exchange with you two topics, before starting these two topics I would like to do a survey: you are here who has ever received military training? Please raise your hand I want to do a live interview… … (down stage interview) Zhu Linjing: You have received military training, right? A participant: Yes Zhu Linjing: Then I think you must have also received shooting training, right? A participant: Yes Zhu Linjing: Then please tell us what the key points of the shooting action are? I think anyone who has received military training knows that the key to shooting at targets is three points and one line, so I want to interview one more person. Three points and a line, so if I give you a gun now, 100 meters away I put a standard target, please ask you can hit 10 rings? Zhang Zhixin: not hit Zhu Linjing: because you must be aiming at 10 rings to hit, the main point is also known, but to do it is very difficult then why I started with such a topic? The first topic I want to exchange with you today is that I want to tell you the way to profit in the futures market some people say I am bragging, I said I am not bragging, I am today to teach you the way to profit in the futures market shooting method just now you have heard, hitting the target action essentials are very simple, is three points a line then the futures market profit method many people are struggling to find, in fact I The fact is that the profit method in the futures market is very simple and you dont have to struggle to find it, so why cant you make a profit? Please pay attention to the premise I just mentioned: it is in fact very simple to know how to make profits in the futures market, but it is not simple for you to make profits in the futures market. I would like to use my best friend, but also my programmed trading road a rare mentor and friend: trading pioneer general manager Chen Jianling teachers words, his QQ signature to tell us the secret, six words we must remember: no other, only hand familiar er I actually quite like to read martial arts novels, especially like to read Jin Yongs martial arts novels, someone wrote this a couplet summarized Jin Yong Mr. Jin Yong has written 14 books: Flying snow shooting white deer, laughing book of the gods leaning on the Mandarin then the first book of flying, is referred to the "Flying Fox" "Flying Fox" in a short story is quite interesting: Hu Yifei has a secret martial arts book "Hu family knife method", but there is a little do not know martial arts bonesetter lucky to get the "Hu family knife method" half page, after careful study, finally become a first-class master in the jianghu Then he could become a first-class master by getting half a page of the "Hu Family Knife Technique", from which I recall a famous philosopher Nietzsche said: dig deep at your foothold, and a spring will gush out! Then I would also like to use the "futures market interceptor" in the half page to communicate with you, you must not think that this book has, this half page I really did not write in, do not believe you can find, this book did not this is my special topic for todays presentation, I call him: a hundred versatile intra-day trend capture someone said: you bragging about the "futures market interceptor", I can not get away from the subject today: Mr. Bruce Lees interceptor. Mr. Bruce Lees interceptor among the two moves, after watching I was particularly inspired by one of the moves called inch punch, watched TV friends must be able to clearly remember Mr. Bruce Lees inch punch can break the board, so what is the difference in its power essentials? We all know that normal boxing, if it is a pendulum punch, it must be the arm driven arm, arm driven wrist, the distance of force is very long while Mr. Bruce Lees inch punch is by back force, the distance of attack is very short, that is to say, direct and effective, this is his inch punch There is another move called the day word punch, the essence of its action is to hit the opponents central line, the attack and defense must not leave the opponents The attack line, then this is also my investment philosophy: simple, direct, effective Today I speak so a topic, because I think the intra-day trend of this model is suitable for most people we know that human psychology has a great weakness: fear of losing because it is day trading, so you can always master your position, earn a little money to hurry out of the position, and can sleep very peacefully at night, do not have to So I think intraday trend trading is suitable for most people then from the classification of intraday trends, I think there are only six, I think this is the core of this report I gave you today, some people may not believe, I will give you a drawing later we all think that intraday trends are always changing, fickle, in fact, I personally feel that there are only six, which six I will give you a drawing: the first: narrow consolidation The first: narrow consolidation in fact, I just need to carefully analyze the six kinds of intraday trends, and then learn how to respond, then it is enough to succeed in the intraday trend narrow adjustment is actually very simple, as long as your trend and trading signals are not easily triggered, then your trading results that day is no trading  The second kind of trend, I call him a wide oscillation in the wide oscillation of the time I I think of my programmed trading on an enlightened teacher, is the former medium-term Guo RuiXuan investment management company general manager Li Bin teacher, he said many people have asked him how to identify the trend potential and consolidation potential, he felt incomprehensible on this issue trend and consolidation itself is not a clear-cut dividing line, and how do you identify it? Then the response is actually very simple, you just need to reduce your losses in the wide oscillation trend can be, in this trend appears, your revenue goal is in fact to save strength, reduce losses The third trend I call: diffusion triangle this trend is the worst, the response method and the previous one is the same, you just need to carry out a trading strategy filter to avoid in the diffusion triangle When the emergence of the back and forth slap on it Thankfully, there are three other intra-day trends that we can win, is that we can enjoy the results of intra-day trend trading fourth I call it a unilateral trend this market appears, I think I do not need to do more explanation, fools can also win The fifth trend I call the trend with a wide range of adjustments in this trend, you may be here…… on the oscillation out of the game, then you must add the secondary entry conditions in the intraday trend trading system model, which is the key to your victory over this trend, there must be a secondary entry signal The sixth trend I call it a V-shaped reversal potential both sides are strong trends, I found that recently the futures market has emerged a very interesting Phenomenon, I call it the midday symmetry 11:30 on the afternoon handover ice and fire, in the V-shaped reversal potential in fact you have to make a choice: you both sides to earn or willing to earn only one side? This specific method I will mention later, which is actually a choice Last year I attended an exchange meeting organized by Pan Gold Investment in Hangzhou, in that exchange meeting I made a speech, the topic is the eight choices of programmed trading, after a year I am very pleased that I have progressed, because I bring you 100 choices of intraday programmed trading, why should we do 100 kinds of choices? I still cant get away from the intercepted boxing everyone knows that Mr. Bruce Lee created the school of intercepted boxing, in fact it has no door and no faction, there is the shadow of Master Ip Man Wing Chun, which is its foundation, there are boxing and cha-cha dance pace, there are Filipino boxing, Thai boxing figure, there is the secret of Japanese karate, there is also the figure of American jiu-jitsu, various schools of martial arts gathered into the intercepted boxing I want to share with you today is what? In fact, or I often say that concept: programmed trading is actually a study of choice U.S. five-star general MacArthur in the Korean War when the armistice was signed, said a classic quote that the world still celebrates: the wrong time the wrong place with the wrong enemy to fight a wrong war I want to share with you today is in fact the hope that you can do at the right time the right species The right direction of a transaction Speaking of trend tracking, many people feel very mysterious, in fact, I am quite puzzled as I mentioned to you at the beginning of the shooting target action essentials, is three points a line so simple then capture the trend essentials are actually more simple, I give you four words: wait for the rabbit in the market must plant a big tree waiting for it, or in the trend of the road block robbery I will introduce to you today 10 methods can be in the trend of the roadblock to capture the trend of the first: RangeBreak interval breakthrough, which is based on a certain percentage of yesterdays fluctuations to trigger the second: Japanese trading champion Fei Ali proposed Fei Ali four prices I really like this Fei Ali four prices, I later learned that the original market in which there are really a lot of people in the With Fei Ali four prices, which four prices, that is, open, high, low, close once yesterdays highest and lowest price is broken, the trend will occur, or likely to happen the third: the air garden some time ago I read a book called "Interpretation of quantitative trading", in this book surprisingly mentioned the great Mr. Simmons also used this model air garden, is a high open to fight low, low open to fight high away the year before last, I was in Zhejiang I did a speech, focused on recommending the air garden this trading model, then I found that the futures market is really quite coincidental, after I recommended it does not work, so in order to avoid repeating the same mistake, I want to introduce you today the 100 variations of trend tracking and in the foreign currency trading market, a very famous HANS123, it is only in the opening 30 minutes after the high line breakthrough to trigger the transaction The principle of it is still around the trend of the necessary path to keep waiting for the rabbit, in fact, all changes are not far from the truth Then I still return to the topic, I have told you today the intraday trend tracking trading method, tomorrow (Monday) you can make money? I think still can not why not? Because I think you still need to understand what is the right time, in order to grasp the right time, I introduce you to the filtering technique in the trend following I am very grateful to a group of friends in the futures market interceptor group sealed dust incense (sound), I do not know if he came to the scene today, he also won the competition crew seventh place, he gave me a book "archery and Zen mind", after reading I was very inspired Inspired, so there is the first filtering method, called volatility filtering What is volatility filtering? Some people say I want to practice a hundred paces through the Yang, we must know that practicing a hundred paces through the Yang is bound to consume a lot of time, in fact, the direction is completely wrong, you should not improve the accuracy of your archery to achieve your goal I give you a simple example: if your shooting target is a mosquito, then your archery skills are superior, you may be difficult to hit, if your target target is an elephant, I think the most stupid This is what I mean by volatility filtering you must pick the most volatile species to do intraday trend trading In fact, trading only needs to solve so three problems: First: when to enter the market? Second: how many lots each time? Third: when to get out of the field? In fact, the exit is a choice, back to the sixth intra-day trend I just introduced to you V reversal, in fact, this time you are faced with a choice of exit if you choose the 5th: close the position before the close, fixed initial stop loss, what is your result, in the V reversal potential you will have nothing, spit out all your profits; if you choose the 7, then in the V reversal you will achieve two-way Which is better to make profit? In fact, there is no which is better, everything is just because of your choice Finally I would like to use Mr. Bruce Lee in the United States to found the Zhenfan Guojiquan door hanging a sentence to end my speech to you today: Nomatterthetime,place,orpersons, Ifyouwanttodiscussingwithmeonprogramtrading,I'llbethere! No matter what time, no matter what place, no matter what people, as long as you are willing to cut martial arts with me, I will be happy to accompany! Thank you all!  Attachment: Zhu Linjing teacher speech in the most important three pages of a hundred and one universal ten entry mode E1: RANGEBREAK volatility interval breakthrough trading, according to yesterdays volatility of a certain percentage to trigger the days trend trading, if yesterdays volatility is abnormal, the volatility should be adjusted as necessary to maintain reasonableness E2: Fei Ari four prices Yesterdays high, yesterdays low, yesterdays close, todays opening, can be called Fei Ali four prices, it is the main breakout trading reference system adopted by the Japanese futures champion Fei Ali real, in addition, because Fei Ali subjective mind trading model, decided its actual trading, but also a large number of combined application of the concept of the line of resistance and overflow, that is, what we usually call the pressure, support line E3: air garden opening breakout, is the fastest of a way of entry, of course, the probability of error is also the highest, the opening of the first K line is a positive, or a negative, is to judge the direction of the possible movement of the intra-day trend, we found that this entry in the day opening high or low opening more effective in the "futures market cut-off", I call this trading strategy air garden, fortunately, I heard that Simmons in the early days had also applied a similar trading strategy E4. Horizontal breakout is easier to achieve quantitative breakout of patterns, there are fractals, narrow horizontal breakout, various K-line combinations, double tops, double bottoms, wrap theory three buy three sell, etc., more difficult to achieve quantitative breakout of patterns, there are trend lines, round lone top and bottom, flag, diamond, triangle and a variety of classic technical analysis patterns, trend followed by consolidation, consolidation followed by trend, horizontal breakout of trading strategies, fully embodies the volatility cycle Price fluctuation law, we need to do things is to reasonably quantify the definition of consolidation: period span, volatility E5: based on a fixed percentage magnitude of the turn trading the system has won the second place in a trading system strategy competition, but also the authors most enthusiastic intraday breakout trading strategy relatively speaking, based on a fixed point breakout, may be subject to changes in the price area of the species and change, based on Fixed percentage range of breakout, it is less subject to similar problems, unless the species volatility levels change dramatically E6: HANS123 as a breakout trading strategy widely circulated in the foreign exchange market, HANS123 to its simple opening after the N K line (minutes) of the high and low breakout, as a judge of the trading signal trigger this is also an entry earlier trading pattern, supporting the price Including the band, time confirmation, volatility requirements and other filtering techniques, or can improve its chances of winning E7: daily ATR volatility breakout We have reason to believe that when a certain magnitude of ATR volatility magnitude has occurred, we will be more willing to bet on the direction of intra-day volatility towards this has completed a certain magnitude of ATR continue to develop, the benchmark for comparison, can be the opening price, can also be the intra-day record New high, new low record position E8: ORB failure breakout ORB trading was first proposed in 1988 by the U.S. fund manager Toby, it is by measuring the opening price and the highest price, the lowest price distance to take the smaller, for the failure breakout magnitude, after the market once beyond this magnitude, it is believed that the real breakout in the actual application process, the early evaluation of the breakout, the breakout after the narrow range, can be used as an effective filter conditions E9: the time-of-average yellow line here I do not intend to discuss the intra-day performance of other averaging systems, the time-of-average yellow line, as it is widely seen in the built-in time-of-average charts of various trading software, and therefore, in terms of the self-fulfilling prophecy of trading strategies, it is particularly prominent and eye-catching E10: intra-day ATR volatility breakout and E7 different, E10 more focused on the assessment of short-term market volatility changes, volatility breakout, to a certain extent, has the function of adapting to the market, in the practical application of adapting to different market environments stronger Second, the filtering technique of intraday trend trading although our starting point is to avoid the uncertainty of the overnight jump under the discontinuity with the trend thus, the filtering technique, in fact, is engaged in the design of intraday trend trading system a key technique F1: volatility filtering F2: price envelope filtering F3: time confirmation filtering F4: number of transactions filtering F5: daytime when filtering F6: weekday filtering F7: system strategy combination filtering Three, the versatile exit decentralization strategy will buy is the apprentice, will sell is the master In fact, we often encounter the exit strategy on the tangled trouble out of the early, not enough to earn; out of the late, profits and face a significant retraction In fact, the There is no exit strategy that allows you to always take advantage of the highly stochastic day trading, we can do things only to admit ignorance and implement a decentralized strategy to smooth the overall curve of funds in a variety of trends O1: fixed initial stop loss, profit target stop O2: fixed initial stop loss + trailing profit (points, range) O3: immovable SAR parabolic exit O4: fixed initial stop loss + profit retracement percentage O5: fixed initial stop loss + timed close (close before closing) O6: random exit O7: symmetrical reverse trading signal exit