It seems like a paradox to manage your bra Bestforextradecashback with your own!!! ----- If there Best forex trade cashback no discipline, then you still have a long way to go, amateur player!!! 2013, the fourth year into the spot gold market, May, Beijing, 5,000 U.S. dollars to 140,000 U.S. dollars, (forgive me for using so many zeroes instead of using a "million" word, so feel hard forexbrokercashback more shocking), out of gold, to do the gold card of the Merchants Bank, to give a girlfriend of 6 years in love with a The ipadmini, a set of Rancor, see her smile like a flower to buy yourself an alloy Lamborghini ---- car model, purple model placed in the light beauty slender jade legs above the pose still in my hotmail mailbox however because at that time The immaturity of their own trading mentality, destined to consume too long happiness at the end of May and early June, fantasy, continue to sing, as soon as possible to take the fancy set of LOFT down payment, brutal bull down payment just 7 trading days, again into the market my account shrunk from $ 120,000 to $ 20,000, shut down the computer, standing under the unique nostalgic street lights of Bull Street, holding the tree, want to vomit vomit bestcashbackprogramsforex out. The down payment is gone, just see the shadow of the bull and ran out of shadow, from dusk to sunset, stand until the starry sky ...... 2014 Valentines Day, just the 15th day of the first month, lost love, a person backpack fly Kunming, the same day transfer Xishuangbanna, then it is Thailand - Yunnan - Laos - Yunnan - Myanmar - Yunnan - Thailand - Yunnan - Chengdu - Hebei Old home Xings cause, all the way, all the way to play the deal put six months, with cashback forex six months to completely find the self to complete the deal mentality on the most recent nirvana remaining 20,000 U.S. dollars also did not survive that June In fact, when I got on the plane on Valentines Day 2014, the total cash on my body plus the money in the card is less than 2,000 ---- yuan Valentines Day 2014 Just the fifteenth day of the first month, got up very early, rushed to the capital airport to board the plane, remember that day wearing a ski suit, Beijings hazy days, early cold, quite a "once upon a time" three or two strokes outline the feeling of the long street dark night without pedestrians, selling soy milk store smoking hot ...... Boeing airliner from the capital in the material ten minutes after the plucking up, saw the The sun, saw the blue sky from then on farewell to Beijing, also said goodbye to the love that kept waiting for 6 years recommend a song, beyonds "no tears of regret" [MP3][/MP3] about the deal A single pen single are in the heart, over and over again, over and over again, when a single pullback stop loss was forced to close the loss of more than 30,000 knife, I thought is an Accord is gone, from that moment on, the mind imbalance, began to enlarge their judgment of the success rate -----75% below the success rate of the single before it is impossible to touch, but after that loss, 50% success rate of the single also began to be their own Acceptance, can not wait to rush in, once it is rushed in to grab rather than pick up, no longer resting on waiting for the opportunity, that is not far from blowing a position henceforth amend the trading system for: do not change the stop loss, position up to 20%, a single day loss to 5% must be suspended, a loss of 10% is shut down to rest to now is also, I recruit pan handlers also require each other to hold on to nature according to this rule to do at least two months, monthly profit of about 5% I are The profit is through the correction technology can be expanded, but the mentality, especially in the stage of continuous loss, as a lifeline, but need to maintain their own roots up, I can themselves or find someone to tug the reins, but I hope to have the desire to touch a relatively large amount of money handicappers can develop this habit, wild horses have off the reins in this market, so good profit environment, to do the right capital is not a problem again Talking about the constant producer has a constant mind this topic, this market, the average 5% of the monthly return is enough to make the vast majority of large funds happy, but many individual investors restless in this figure, and even look forward to several times the return once someone told me that he is now on a very heavy debt, need to pay off the debt every month, and to 30% of the monthly return, he can raise the principal is 30,000 knives There are people who have been drilling for many years The technology, ascetic like, carrying a lot of debt, pickled radish buns, buns pickled radish, what is the drill? Short-term heavy position doubling! However, to now still looking for 1000 knife investors for various reasons, there will always be a variety of peers for various reasons to contact me, perhaps you will also encounter a similar situation imagine, replaced by me, all day terrified, can not withstand the pressure, want to turn over as soon as possible, preferably tonight to borrow this market, I do not want to simply classified as a fools dream, but, make money when you can not hold, lose money when You cant give up, for stop-loss compromise, like a gambler who has lost his gambling character everyone is embarrassed to win your money, you have to hard to stuff people ------ God wants to make it perish, must first make it crazy! Once you are red-eyed, it is not far from being chewed up by the market the other day chatting with friends, I said the best way to solve this matter, is to install a heartbeat monitor and adrenaline or dopamine monitor, connected to high-voltage electricity, once found wrong, immediately stunned of course this is a joke, but we can understand from the side, this market, a normal heart, how valuable, out of control, and how terrible so, although I know that persuasion can not persuade, but still say, if the top can not, simply leave do not stay, do not look back, this market is never short of wealth myth, but the bones everywhere with others Jin Qiu under the scars, existence but not necessarily by you to see clearly position management is not good, see the right direction when the burst position is also a large number of people in the real trading state is very easy, once you start to embarrass themselves, that is not far from being bitten by the market * ********************************************************************* not everyone is suitable for this career, even if you are hard enough to be diligent enough to love! Whether its a reflection of self-growth, or a summary of other mature traders I know, of course, there are many people who are interested in this career to communicate with me, I believe that doing this business still depends on talent, but also depends on chance (chance is a word I use a little confusing concept, generalized, the environment of growth before adolescence is a big piece, later to expand) talent ---- mathematical thinking, learning ability, independence Personality, adult thinking, abundant energy and good stamina in any position, up or down flat are justified, technical analysis is valuable because the repetition of history is a probability event, this market in the end is also a game of probability (success rate, wind ratio, position change), so the value of mathematical thinking is reflected in the learning ability does not elaborate on the independent personality and adult thinking What is it, 100% responsibility! Accepting your own losses every time you lock your position? Stop it, coward!!! Try to make their own skills and mentality become better admit their own problems this one is the most difficult, no one is willing to live with themselves, all the problems to their own body, gnash their teeth and fight with themselves, but to do transactions, can not be half Rigelen (vernacular pronunciation, meaning bluffing) is like a mental patient, once willing to enter a mental hospital, then he is not far from being cured my university psychopathology He told me that this is a small game of psychology, willing to spend this money to quit smoking, basically have recognized their problems and have the determination to solve the problem, the other are good to do energy endurance in the learning phase is particularly important, look at three weeks off a week for a year is not as much as the growth of three months in a row to keep close to the plate The day you hear the heartbeat of the plate and breathing that old Du has to congratulate you on passing the first level of technology mentality Why talk about chance? Because the disc jockey good mentality and character is how, like water, but also must be warm water, soft and tolerant, the phase of the time and move here gentle not only to the plate on the environment outside the transaction, but also includes pleased with their own and these and adolescent personality stereotypes before the growth environment is not unrelated, to give a negative example, there are strict parents or have been abandoned experience is usually not suitable for this occupation ------ self-destructive Personality so, chance here usually come to my company to apply for the trader, I screened you must have my reasons in addition to the previously said position stop loss criteria here is also considered one of the criteria, a healthy personality, only I did not say it to your face, in addition, borrowed to cheat the trading record is also the reason why some people did not pass, no matter which way I think it is difficult to cheat me, unless you can even cheat yourself, the I do not explain I know there are in this market for many years but a sore, seen time and again, on technology, all kinds of research, head, all kinds of high profile but the results are still miserable, some people even life security is a problem, and I absolutely believe in constant production people have constant heart, you know, if I think a pan player has potential, but lack of money, I will do my best to give him excellent conditions, good food, good housing and good rest if not Can patience to create the capital curve, only thinking of overnight riches, these years over, I really have not seen survived ********************************************************************** As for the inductive deduction, in fact, there are not so many concepts, this market to In the end, its just a probability game, bet or not, how much, you can control yourself, history if not repeated, all technical analysis has lost its meaning so, waiting for a probability event, combined with a good position management method, a reasonable wind ratio, is the fundamental of my foothold in this market yesterday to talk to a friend it, she occasionally tosses a coin into the field, I also often take their own a small account to play this game The game, but you listen, the meaning of this game in my sense is to keep position management if there is not yet an additional a law enforcement officer, that good mentality is to rely on their own maintenance, first quit greed, the only way to double in a short time is to take a heavy position, heavy position means ~ ~ high risk, difficult to turn back   a group of us when climbing the stairs of the classmates or circle of pan players occasionally a gathering, you will find No one talks about technology, there is no first and no second in literature, my set to others he will find himself unable to use, because what? Not experienced when I accompanied it those sweet and pain! Second-rate technology first-class mentality, can achieve an almost first-class pan player, first-class technology second-rate third-rate mentality, that can only be a non-starter pan player people will not refuse to change, only refuse to be changed why change, because the pain, such as 16 floors of the stairs, such as burst positions, such as the pressure of reality, you survive, think about it, is a nirvana, can not resist to survive, sorry, this The market is so cruel obsession is for their own choice of this industry and career, not to say for the growth of their own incomparable confidence, Im right! ,~~~~ dedicated to the market peers I 2012 5-8 months gold turned 100 times, bullish? bullish! How about the level? To be honest a look at the immaturity of someone taking their 30 times the record to say things, fooled by the white man or outsiders, this is precisely when their own newborn calf, meet the market tiger fall, give me another chance, I am sure not to seek 100 times, because I know the premise of controlled risk, this market can give you how much often play outdoor, the next few years will go to some of the more difficult routes with snowy mountains The article on the outdoors has a good word inside ~~~~ awe !!!! Trading to the complex, will be very difficult, to the simple said nothing more than profit and loss, after the technology is determined is to experience become philandering, looking for the Holy Grail, eat all kinds of suffering, and back to the original point, see understand, the original is just this, these suffering if not eaten, forever for the technology and the existence of illusions of masters ****************************************** *********************** two more words, about the state of mind to regulate the trading time more like to listen to music, usually a single song cycle, can make me quiet, the first few years is Carols music, now will also accept some other light music, "NeverSayGoodbye" HayleyWestenra, in addition to listen to beyond songs, very inspirational, accompany me for more than a decade if you experience big fluctuations, serious illnesses will have to be drugged, a backpacking hike, the more diffuse the better or, do the following three things --------- go stand on the surgical floor of the hospital for a day, go see a sky burial, go to the smoking section of the maternity ward and talk to the guys who are new fathers!!! Look over the head and tail of life, can make people quiet, quiet after the reflection is valuable about the books, the classical "tear down the wall of thinking" big ice "good boy, touch the head" "I just dare to be different from others" and is the biography of the major manipulators Zhuangzi eye extremely cold, the heart is extremely hot eye cold, so right and wrong regardless; the heart is hot, so the feelings of the end although know useless, but failed to forget the love, in the end is the hot intestine hold;. Although you can not forget, and finally do not start, in the end is the cold eyes to see through ----- Zhuangzi on strategic trading to learn Zhuangzi, especially after the formation of their own trading system, the heart hot, to be close to the plate, to maintain the sense of the plate, eyes cold, to ensure discipline, to quit their plate greed and fear about the current life of the trader, the early incomparable suffering, but also not necessarily into, if you come over, into, will be relatively to sweet much, the most critical point The key point is that there will be money to come to you, but these two years because of the amount of money operating, so the risk control is relatively strict a lot, there will no longer be when their accounts turned over the happy, those months turned dozens of times hundreds of times the past, and once loved the girl failed emotions, are sealed in the memory of slowly fermented into wine Author: old cow
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