The role of weekly Best forex trade cashback daily cashback forexs to help investors recognize the Bestforextradecashback and cycle even if only to do the same day to close the short term single, but also can not rely solely on the hourly chart, not to mention that in the foreign exchange market, if you want to get more profits, medium and long term operation bestcashbackprogramsforex very beneficial Follow the trend of the single is the secret to win the foreign exchange market to provide trends and major resistance points, is the most important function of the daily chart In addition, every single The symbolism of the daily chart straight line: usually, the opening forexbrokercashback is very low and the closing price is close to the highest price of the day, is a buy signal; closing price and the opening price is the same, the market is waiting, may turn the signal; and the opening price is low, the price rose, and then returned to the opening price below the closing, is an obvious down signal It should be noted that these signals must be used in combination with other analytical tools, the accuracy rate is higher  In the large upward trend, often interspersed with some small downward trend, the time of these small downward trend usually in a week or so, only often study the daily chart and weekly chart, it is possible not to be muddled by short-term trends homeopathic buying and selling to pay attention to the potential just formed when the decisive follow-up, most investors are prone to make the mistake of following up too late in the downward trend, always think that the price has been too low, so constantly buy against the trend, occasionally catch the right rebound opportunities can earn a little, but if you catch the wrong resistance points, or fail to close positions in time to take profits, will be trapped Weekly and monthly charts are not only for long-term investors to refer to the role of the weekly chart is in addition to revealing the general trend, it also reveals the cyclical pattern of foreign exchange Usually, if the location of the weekly chart in the up cycle, the last weekly chart closed at a high, this weeks price breakthrough last weeks highest point, these are Is the up signal in the judgment of the market trend of the big turn, the weekly chart in the foreign exchange cycle position is very important The way to use the foreign exchange market, the value of improvisation For investors who do not have deep skills, looking for the top and bottom of the market, may make you lose your money, but the high level of forex trading masters, but someone dedicated to finding the top and bottom of the approach, lose small profits, accumulated billions of dollars The psychological behavior of the wealth of the foreign exchange market characteristics, but also not unchanging, at any time to study these changes, the market and their own psychological behavior characteristics of good grasp, then know your enemy, from the victory over the foreign exchange market is not too far away!
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