Steve Co forexbrokercashbackn bestcashbackprogramsforex a big player but his name has never been heard of, neither a giant corporate CEO, nor a high government official, he is Wall Streets top trader after months of Best forex trade cashback-depth investigation of it, had launched in the United States in an issue of Business Week on this hidden behind the scenes billionaire report U.S. Connecticut has a county, is the worlds Some super hedge funds hibernate here, manipulating the core business affecting Wall Street Cohen founded the SAC Fund is a typical example: a day trading volume of 20 million shares, the annual commission paid off up to $ 150 million, is one of the 10 largest clients on Wall Street, of course, also hindered peers to make money, so he made a lot of beams in the industry, but Even the archrivals talk about Cohen is also a tone of love from hate: he is always the first to grab the news, such as a stock credit rating is upgraded or downgraded Bestforextradecashback so on So, how in the end Cohen is successful? A, growing up: more than ten years old will watch the stock market 47-year-old Steve Cohen, the family lives in the United States in southwestern Connecticut, a 14.5-square-acre estate, bubble pool, tennis courts, basketball courts and so on, of course, everything, but he does cashback forex care about these Cohen work free time, one of the most accustomed to do is to study the stock exchange live trading video, anyway, the daily changes are endless, see also His father, who worked in the garment business, would bring a copy of the New York Post every night, and he would read the sports scoreboard, and then fall in love with the financial section, because the numbers were more varied. While studying for a bachelors degree in economics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, he became very enthusiastic about the stock trading that was prevalent among his class, so he went straight to Wall Street as soon as he graduated from college in 1978 and worked as a junior trader in the hedging department of a company, where he was soon able to make the company a daily profit of $100,000 a day. Learn how to do group trading in a large company, and manipulate better than anyone else in 1984, he organized his own trading team in the company, to 1992, the creation of the SAC Fund II, money: in the industry known as unscrupulous than the famous financial predator George Soros, Cohen manipulation of $4 billion fund is not a large number, but his daily trading volume is very large in his At the center of his financial empire, there are 40 mid-level traders, each in charge of 1-15 traders and analysts, who each have a stall in their hands Cohens own investment energy is also far more than the companys seven types of funds involved in the scope of every morning at 8 oclock, Cohen will be his silver gray BMW745 car to the office on time, sitting at the conference table surrounded by countless monitors this table, there is an alias Central Command, the next day, this place will earn him millions of dollars in 2002, the overall market fell 22%, SAC but an 11% increase in the people working at SAC is probably the hardest 200 employees in the world, no performance, rather than die, their annual salary is usually more than $ 2 million, but the key depends on individual performance, rather than the overall profitability of SAC so outside peer comments SAC up and down, doing business can be described as unscrupulous It is said that SAC will deduce other investment funds may take action, and then suppress, or do not hesitate to falsify the signs of a transaction, deceive others to follow up, but their own early withdrawal, or make analysts on certain stocks to lift the rating, causing market volatility, but SAC these previously seem not endless violations of the operation, in the future securities market Strengthen the situation of regulation, may also be derailed  Third, life: dull head does not understand the world of flowers from the appearance, Cohen is nothing like the securities market in the reigning figure a 47-year-old billionaire, bald, not tall or short, as if always thinking about something, the expression is not too confident, but looks a little clumsy unbearable work, he seems to be entertaining a follow A colleague who has been with Cohen for more than 10 years has long been accustomed to his unchanging look: even if he is making a multi-million dollar deal, he looks like he is ordering a sandwich. After his first marriage ended, he found his current wife, Alexandra, through a matchmaking service, and now his family of seven children, his wifes close friends joked that the tiny brunette grew up declaring that she would marry a millionaire when she grew up, and probably didnt even think shed get a billionaire. The Cohen family also spent $15 million to buy the estate built in 1930 five years ago, and spent almost the same amount of money to renovate the old mansion Cohens most mysterious thing is that the estate installed a huge alarm system, as long as someone steps into or out of one of the rooms will ring loudly Fourth, the whereabouts: colleagues feel that he is incredibly mysterious It is well known that even The most clean reputation of the hedge fund is also secretive not allowed to interview, not allowed to take pictures, not to disclose internal information to anyone outside the partners Some measures are to protect the transaction, some are to conceal its profits Cohen is even more so, he acted very low-key, refused numerous interview requests, even colleagues feel that he is very mysterious Therefore, "Business Week" in the process of in-depth investigation of Cohen, did not Some people described him as shy in the face of the camera, not going to public occasions, others said he has extraordinary intuition and strange skills, in the face of a large amount of information, he can quickly notice what should be noticed the most. The SAC used some kind of sleight of hand so as to stay ahead of the competition in access to information people familiar with the matter said that the SAC as a way to ask the various investment banks to provide the best information, Wall Street people called the first call V. Fate: good start does not always end well large fund managers although they can be on top for a while, but often do not end well, and may burst as the ultimate fate hedge fund investors are not more than investing in other mutual Fund people, they have to pay huge fees, once the fund began to lose money, will immediately draw investment which requires the fund to sell some units, but if sold at a loss, it will lead to a worsening of the situation, triggering an avalanche of billions of dollars a day management is more torture, but more painful is that hedge fund managers must also often play short a reputable hedge fund manager said, now this market, play short is too Torturing people, because more and more hedge funds, everyone is playing hedge funds: most players are unheard of meaning risk-hedged funds, has become synonymous with a new investment model, that is, the use of financial derivatives leverage utility, take high risk, the pursuit of high returns on the investment model most famous are Soross Quantum Fund in the past three years of the U.S. economic downturn, some operating hedge funds Hedge funds were designed to be profitable in both bull and bear markets. Some of the best hedge funds made a killing in the bull market of the 1990s, and were equally profitable in the bear market that followed, seemingly becoming Wall Streets last feast. operating billions of dollars in top secret
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