Every trader wants to profit from the forex market, by measuring Bestforextradecashback profits against our losses we come to a conclusion However, th bestcashbackprogramsforex does not sustain our motivation All cashback forex have profit losses at times, once a trader wants to make a profit then there will be disappointment in the losses Best forex trade cashback disappointment can have many destructive consequences Then the question becomes how do we How do we deal with these losses and how do traders overcome their obsessive profit-seeking mentality and prepare for losses? This article will talk about the "psychology of break-even forex trading" The solution/solution is to go beyond the traditional way of profit and loss dominating our thinking and realize forexbrokercashback there is a neutral zone between the range of profit and loss that allows the trader to pause from a mathematical point of view, a neutral zone that we can represent by the The number zero to indicate a break-even trade, or a zero in the profit and loss register, or a trade that is reasonably close to that range is actually a very good result and most importantly, one of its benefits is the ability to keep capital intact and also to produce better trades. If a zero on your trading record represents a profitable trade that has incurred a loss, then the trader needs to look at the situation clearly because it has changed. However, the psychology of break-even trading can also be a great opportunity to make quick profits and grow into a mature trader Letting go of the pursuit of the industry/ Many traders approach every trade with arrogance, expecting to take some chances This issue also reflects what many traders consider to be a zero-sum war with the market When you are losing or succeeding in a trade but some of the best trades produce a win rate of just over 50% most traders actually break even on their accounts and when traders stubbornly stick to their trading style and refuse to trust the system or timing, trading can get bogged down but if one can regain a mindset that sees the Forex market as a magnificent complex place of opportunity, then The psychological and emotional focus is transformed by the fact that the market is not our enemy and can generate profits once the field of opportunity is understood. Those who take such a departure do not demand or expect to make quick profits, rather they desire to make great trades by acknowledging winning price action patterns by applying what is already known, profits become earned and the market becomes our partner, it is A reciprocal relationshipIf your next trade is neither a profit nor a loss, then take a pause to relax from the trading psychology, because in the case of forex trading, the long-term result of a zero-sum trade will be positive 
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