1. What cashback forexstcashbackprogramsforex the foreign exchange Best forex trade cashback EA, the full name of the Chinese intelligent trading system, is through the computer simulation of human operation to complete the transaction trader by programming the trading ideas, so that the computer in accordance with the traders trading ideas into the process of trading without mind interference 2. What are the benefits of using an EA?  EAs biggest advantage is its execution, EA is a machine, so there Bestforextradecashback be no emotions, forexbrokercashback because of loss chagrin or profit pride and loss of control, many have such experience, right: an impulse or disobedience to the market will lose months or even years of all profits, but EA will not EA can also replace the trader to operate, thus freeing up the trader The trading time of the trader, reduce the fatigue of the trader, eliminating certain artificial mentality of the trader, so that the trader can be a stable alternative to complete the transaction 3. EA is a myth? Is there a good EA?  Yes, now in the market circulation of a large number of EA, but some people say 99% are junk EA; I think it is wrong, 99% of the EA have worked for a period of time, at least in the short term it is profitable, that EA junk for many reasons; may be you simply do not know how to use it, there may be an expired version of your use, there may be EA originally Is designed for short-term market characteristics because EA is written by people, you find those cracked EA without the support of technical staff, and do not know how to use, think a hook up automatically make money, of course, junk, there is no one-off thing, and then the perfect EA if the loss of human monitoring will also be wrong so why the vast majority of EA market testing for a period of time will disappear?  4. Why EA is very suitable for the foreign exchange market  First, the foreign exchange market is T + 0, suitable for small skills of frequent operations, and EA has an advantage over people in this regard, EA can quickly place orders, and people can not;  Second, the foreign exchange market is 24 hours a day can be traded, people need to rest at night, and EA does not need to rest, it can really do continuous work  Third, EA is more rational than people, when people face a lucrative, will not be sure when to take profits, and when the floating loss is very large, the heart will be restless, and EA will not, so EA can be in accordance with the pre-set concept to calmly face EA is like a focused, not subject to external interference, not a moment of rest employees, in accordance with your instructions, work hard for you but still to Emphasis on risk, no matter how bullish the EA, or world-renowned trader, can not guarantee a steady profit without loss, since the choice of finance this road, it is bound to experience losses eventually someone in this market profit, not because never lose, but earn more than the loss of loss must ensure the safety of as much capital as possible, finance is not gambling, can not expect a few operations to get rich quickly, but to rely on safety Steady profit, accumulate so choose a good forex intelligent trading system will let you get twice the result with half the effort
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