I personally thought the easiest Bestforextradecashback forexbrokercashback for foreign cashback forex to make money Best forex trade cashback lose money (mainly for Europe and the United States eurusd): one, the easiest time period for foreign exchange to make money 2;30 pm to 22:00 pm bestcashbackprogramsforex the European plate between and the United States morning plate between, the volume is large, almost no agency can sway the trend, liquidity and volatility is also very good. For the trend and do oscillation, can make the technical analysis of the field, coupled with the European and American enterprises, companies, foreign trade departments and individuals have purchased foreign exchange, settlement and exchange of foreign exchange, the protection of the spot traders that is, this time period to buy and sell Europe and the United States are not speculative "dry speculation" behavior, so this time period is relatively speaking is Easy to make money, if this interval is still losing money, the whole day battle is difficult to turn the situation! Second, foreign exchange is most likely to lose money in the time period of two 1, is the morning phase of the Asian plate, especially Beijing time 8 - 10 am during this period, the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and other East Asian countries or regions to open, it is said that the United States scientific research that East Asians have the highest IQ, so the opponent is stronger, and this period of time and almost belong to the euro to dollar "dry speculation" stage, few purchases, settlement and exchange of foreign exchange, there is no protection of the spot merchants, buying and selling Europe and the United States are basically speculation, so this period, Europe and the United States tend to move unexpectedly, the trend is confusing, difficult to grasp! 2, 24:00 after the U.S. afternoon plate this interval of the end of the European plate, the U.S. afternoon, some U.S. speculative predators after the break began to "foraging", no spot dealer protection, retail investors difficult to gain, often become the prey of these speculative predators! So the trend in Europe and the United States is also unexpected, the trend is confusing, difficult to grasp! Sometimes there will be big fluctuations and anti all-day trend action, is very dangerous time period above several aspects are only personal views, for reference only! Author: Apocrypha Legend
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