Telegraphic Transfer Rate (TelegraphicTransferRate, T/TRate) Telegraphic Transfer Rate Overview Telegraphic Transfer Rate: the bank through the encryption of the charge of the telegraph or telex to the forexbrokercashback branch or agent bank to cashback forexsue a solution to pay the remittance method called telegraphic Bestforextradecashback, the Best forex trade cashback bestcashbackprogramsforex applicable to the telegraphic transfer is the telegraphic transfer rate Telegraphic transfer rate refers to the foreign exchange price of payment by telegraph or telex Telegraphic Transfer Rate The fastest delivery time, the general bank can not occupy customer funds, so the most expensive wire transfer exchange rate in the banks foreign exchange transactions, the bid and ask price refers to the wire exchange rate wire exchange rate is the basis for calculating various other exchange rates Bank in the wire transfer business, since its receipt of local currency funds from customers to foreign branches or agents to complete foreign currency settlement (or delivery), the longest not more than two business days because the bank can not effectively occupy customer Because the bank can not effectively occupy the customers funds, therefore, compared with other remittance methods, wire transfer exchange rate is generally set relatively high (here refers to the bank to sell to the price), the customer is not very favorable because of the worlds telecommunications business is very developed, it is transmitted by the information fast and accurate, and thus the foreign exchange market foreign exchange trading is through the telecommunications contact to deal with; with this, the wire transfer rate has become the basis of spot foreign exchange rate It is worth noting that The practice of our banks is different from the international practice, that is, the RMB exchange rate (selling price) on the wire transfer, letter transfer, ticket exchange are used the same rate, but in the purchase of foreign currency bills, travelers checks, because the people to consider advancing to the funds to help the bank for this foreign currency business to charge a discount to make up for the loss of interest during the period of sending the note, recover the original money