my buddy play gold, account initial capital of $ 10,000, Best forex trade cashback has always been careful, each forexbrokercashback is a light position, only build 0.1 lot of 100 yuan, Bestforextradecashback the order are set 10 yuan stop cashback forex, 20 yuan take profit, often manually close the position, the data published to see the situation after adding some positions, he played the MT5 account, after adding a few single will average cost price combined into a single, and then manually change the stop loss take profit. Then manually change the stop loss and profit, this method allows him to three months without losing a single, the account grew to $ 16,000 U.S. dollars we once had tea, he took the phone to me to see, share trading results, bestcashbackprogramsforex was then named him General Everyman, great, he was very happy after another three months, he blew a position, I asked him why that would be, he said that is what I got him that alias caused, after that tea, he too proud, think found the holy grail, the original single really can be so perfect (is this killed him), the starting point for opening a position to 0.2 hands, the next three months in his pursuit of 100% win rate, there are several counter-trend heavy carry single, each time a small profit to close the position, when the trend of big profits, the highest account over 40,000 U.S. dollars, this time another counter-trend heavy carry single, this time he has been the stop loss completely lost, and finally exploded (this article from: Foreign Exchange Institute) just exploded when lost his mind, called me, scolded himself scolded very fierce, said he himself is absolutely an irredeemable madman, of course, also scolded me I have experienced many times (100 yuan small position), I know the pain inside so did not say anything until he hung up the phone himself after a while, he apologized to me because learned The lesson learned this time, now he does not pursue the win rate, more than two years to do a single very good, basic to achieve stable profits Soros said the win rate as long as about 65% enough to become ten billionaires, he valued is right to make a big profit, wrong to a small loss, rather than the win rate I saw a master online win rate of only 40% also make big money, he and Soros have the same pursuit: cut off losses, let the profits run!
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