Sirius XM at home can be a great way to enjoy your favorite radio shows and music. It"s a satellite radio service that can be streamed or downloaded through a compatible device. If you subscribe to the SiriusXM service, you"ll have access to hundreds of quality channels. In addition to the traditional broadcasts, you can also listen to podcasts, On Demand content and live sporting events. You can even create your own ad-free music stations. With a subscription, you can stream your favorites or browse through the thousands of hours of On Demand content.

SiriusXM at home requires a subscription, which costs $10-18 a month. The cost can be lower if you opt for a streaming-included plan. These plans include ad-free, premium, and Xtra channels. This service is available in many areas, including Alaska, Hawaii, and the lower 48 states. To subscribe, you"ll need to buy a tuner, an antenna, and a car kit. A tuner allows you to receive the signal, and the antenna can be used for indoor or outdoor use. You"ll need to connect the antenna to the car stereo with an FM modulator. Alternatively, you can purchase a dock & play satellite radio, which you can use with your home stereo.

If you have a phone or tablet, you can download the Sirius XM app from the Google Play Store. When you"re in a satellite service area, you can stream the audio to your stereo with the app. Streaming can also work when you have a Wi-Fi connection. But if you don"t have a Wi-Fi connection, you can still listen to the radio through your browser. The app supports a wide range of devices, including Android, iPhone, iPod, PC, and Sonos system.

While SiriusXM has a large selection of channels, it can be difficult to choose which ones to stream. Luckily, you can get a free trial to find out which programs you like. During this free three-month period, you"ll be able to take advantage of a variety of features, including ad-free entertainment and original talk shows.

For those who don"t have a smartphone, the SiriusXM webplayer is another option. You can also set up an ad-free station in the app, if you have one. However, the SiriusXM web player does require an internet connection. If you have a Bluetooth receiver, you can stream the SiriusXM webplayer to your stereo.

Sirius XM at home is available in Canada and the lower 48 states. However, it"s only available in those regions where satellite service is available. As a result, you"ll only be able to stream if you live in those locations.

One of the best things about the SiriusXM app is the ability to listen to your favorite shows on the go. You"ll have access to more than 150 channels in your car, and over 100 ad-free Xtra channels when you have a streaming-included plan. Streaming can be a great way to keep up with news and sports, and you"ll be able to hear exclusive programming such as the Howard Stern show.

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