the essence of trad Bestforextradecashbackg plan Best forex trade cashback 1 the code of success forexbrokercashback: simple action, and constantly correct repetition Article 2 the essence of trading is: laughing with the army, stronger than the tension in winning Article 3 no plan do bestcashbackprogramsforex go to work, no plan do not place a single Article 4 homeopathic is the best plan, counter-trend is the worst myth Article 5 you do not manage money money ignore you, you do not use the work sooner or later break the work Article 6 know how to work on Only then, do not know how to make will be chaotic Article 7 laughing can be made swing, tension can only play cashback forex term Article 8 before the plate to have a trading plan, do not listen to people in the plate to compare Article 9 sandbox rehearsal beforehand, know yourself and your enemy a hundred battles never get tired of Article 10 search enough information city market as material, according to the table manipulation class nothing to operate the essence of the two poles Article 11 strong no longer strong to prevent turning weak, weak no longer weak will turn strong Article 12 do not attempt to guess Head, do not intend to touch the bottom Article 13 false breakthrough to prevent the real breakthrough, false breakthrough to prevent the real breakthrough Article 14 the use of fear back to fill the buy, the use of greed to sell empty Article 15 high-grade observation of strong stocks, no strong stocks will turn weak Article 16 low-grade observation of weak stocks, no weak stocks will turn strong Article 17 up to meet is short, down to meet is more Article 18 the amount of shrinkage up tide will meet the bottom, the stormy amount of ebb tide easy to see the top Article 19 winners often set in the low gear, once the reversal began to earn Article 20 losers often set in high-grade, once the reversal began to lose the essence of manipulation up and down Article 21 trend is not easy to change, once changed, short-term not easy to change again Article 22 low no longer repeatedly create the previous high is up, high no longer repeatedly break the previous low is down Article 23 up normal state does not have to preset pressure, down normal state do not preset support Article 24 rise is for after the fall setback, fall setback is for after the rise. Falling setback is to rise after the rise of Article 25 rising normal looking for perverted short selling point, falling normal looking for perverted buy fill point Article 26 rising process must pay attention to the momentum, falling setback process regardless of the essence of Article 27 rising normal only buy strong not buy weak, falling normal only empty weak not empty strong Article 28 more short is one of the two sides, such as boys and girls to see equally Article 29 up is up homeopathic bullish say up, down is down Homeopathic look down said down Article 30 up and down trend are our friends, know how to homeopathic can become a good friend operation quintessential volume and price Article 31 each K-line have meaning, each K-line are ambush Article 32 the volume of energy than the stock price first awakening, but also than the stock price first Article 33 up in the volume of a large number of small, is made by the short side to decide Article 34 down setback in the volume of a large number of small, is made by the multi-party to decide Article 35 more than empty Win or lose in the price, but the decision is in the amount of Article 36 of the sky if not dawn, we must be careful of the weather becomes cool Article 37 the amount of ground can be regarded as ground food, you can grasp the opportunity to ride the cool Article 38 the amount of energy is the spirit of the stock price, the stock price is the expression of the amount of energy Article 39 high-grade volume ebb tide to prevent a big drop, low-grade volume tide ready to rise Article 40 the amount of a large number of hedge mostly, a small amount of short-rolling waiting for the operation of the essence of timing Article 41 The market is not new, just constantly repeating Article 42 stock market winners will certainly wait, the market losers are defeated in the rush Article 43 to see the market is never absent, see the wrong market to cultivate the rest Article 44 smart people know how to rest, stupid people Chuanliu Article 45 low-grade you and I can invest, high-grade everyone can only speculate Article 46 strong stocks will not always strong, weak stocks will not always weak Article 47 the use of stop-loss Stop profit mechanism, to avoid the risk of reverse operation Article 48 short out of the reverse to buy fill, more out of the reverse short selling Article 49 average entangled triangle tail, are big good big bad precursor Article 50 all the gold and silver treasures of the stock market, all hidden in the turn of the essence of trading trading Article 51 do not use the analysis of the perspective of trading, but to the perspective of trading analysis Article 52 reject the unqualified order, only for the direction of the main axis Article 53 rejects the market control my long and short, only for their own risk profit master Article 54 if you somehow make money, sooner or later will somehow lose all Article 55 in the line of the best when selling more single, in the line of the worst when paying attention to buy news Article 56 to make good use of the process of rising back, because the non-downfall is the time to add code Article 57 to make good use of the rebound of the process of falling, because the non-rising is the time to add short Article 58 under the line only to grab short spindle in the short, on the line only short spindle in the long Article 59 to make money before adding code to lose money is not amortized, the correct action repeatedly Article 60 buy before not predicting buy after not expected, only according to the table operation lessons do not need to bring feelings
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