Traders must have a variety of strategies to quickly adapt to the ever-chang cashback forexstcashbackprogramsforexg foreign exchange market Best forex trade cashback gratifying, whether long term or short term traders, can be in the market pullback fluctuations to find the opportunity to open positions The past two articles trading strategy series - simple moving averages forexbrokercashback foreign exchange advanced learning - flexible use of OCO pending single strategy for trading has been discussed using EMA and OCO trading content, today we will focus on the oscillator (hereinafter referred to as CCI) determine the market trend CCI indicator as a retracement trading strategy is mainly used in intra-day trading this strategy for the average trader first need to master is to grasp the current market direction and the use of multiple time analysis of the market direction can be determined by 30 Minute Bestforextradecashback and 200-day EMA judgment, and pay attention to the price is located above or below the 200-day EMA The following chart shows the 30-minute chart for the USD/JPY According to our previous article, the exchange rate is currently most of the time located below the 200-day EMA, it is considered a downtrend If the price can continue to be located above the 200-day EMA, it can be identified as an uptrend & nbsp nbsp;Multiple time analysis Multiple time analysis is to convert the time period for analysis, or trend confirmation is now analyzed on the 5-minute chart, in order to confirm our trend, the price must remain in the same direction on both the 5-minute chart and the 30-minute chart, if they can not corroborate each other, you should change species trading The following chart for the USD/JPY 5-minute chart currently exchange rate Still located below the 200-day EMA for a long time to confirm the downtrend Therefore, the 5-minute chart and the 30-minute chart corroborate each other to confirm a downtrend, although the price trend is not exactly the same, but in general are located below the 200-day EMA, the next step we need to do is to implement a trading strategy  implement add the 20-day CCI indicator to the 5-minute sink chart On the best trading strategy is to look for overbought and oversold signals in the intra-day retracement of the exchange rate after entering the market in the downtrend, traders need to wait for the CCI to enter the overbought range, when the CCI below 100 to enter the market to open a position to sell the opposite operation in the uptrend can be, that is, in the CCI indicator into the oversold range and below -100 when buying As shown in the chart below, the 5-minute chart on the CCI indicator When it breaks 100, there is a better opportunity to sell, at this time choose to sell two lots of USD/JPY as a test, the size of the position needs to be determined according to the total assets of the account, but it should be noted that the net exposure of the position should not exceed 1% of net assets  Close and risk management The final step, the trader needs to be clear when to close positions and manage risk in the use of CCI When using the CCI indicator, a moving stop can be set using the 200-day EMA The first lot of the sell order should have a reasonable stop loss set on the 200-day EMA with a 1:1 risk-reward ratio, and the lot should take a target profit The second lot is suitable for a moving stop, and the first stop can be set on the 200-day EMA (similar to the first lot) However, this order has a However, this order has a fixed number of moving pips, which means that if your stop loss is 25 pips, your stop loss will follow every 25 pips change in the direction of the exchange rate in your favor if the trend continues and of course you can keep changing your stop loss  (This article was written by Walker England, DailyFx currency trading instructor)