"Bright Sword" Best forex trade cashback a military-themed book, cashback forex which the military strategy bestcashbackprogramsforex military discipline is just as common as investment trading Who said that the capital market is Bestforextradecashback a battlefield? The capital market is a more brutal and ruthless battlefield than the military war, the medal of victory is reserved only for those wise warriors Since this market is a game of the wise, then forexbrokercashback either become a wise man, or we must learn to use the wisdom of the wise Only by stepping on the shoulders of giants, we can most quickly surpass others Li Yunlong is a rough man, but his head is not simple, on the contrary, but super His fiery temperament was prone to impulsiveness, but through his wisdom, he turned this impulsiveness into courage and it was this courage and wisdom that won a beautiful battle emotions and impulsiveness, anyone can have, only some people can restrain when the headquarters sent troops to surround Yamazaki brigade, Li Yunlong looked at others eating meat, he could not even drink soup, his heart was burning, he was as impulsive But he had restraint, he listened to Zhao Gang said "the higher-ups have the intention of the higher-ups, good steel on the edge of the knife", he immediately understood - successful investment needs to be rational when Kong Jie entered the room, and Li Yunlong was initially the same emotionally indignant, his reason was The same battle, no matter what the original intention, the ultimate goal is to participate in the battle to capture the victory does not this look like some investors? The more you see the market, the more you want to trade, and the more anxious you are to get your losses back, the more impulsive you are, but what you ignore is the strategy and wisdom, should we look at the big picture with foresight? There will always be opportunities, we should have is the big picture, not just stare at a few K lines calmly calm down and so on - successful investment requires patience and so on the result is that, wait until the dispatch of Pang, which is when we really charge into battle, there are probing, attack, defense, defense, trading is also the same time of clarity The time to try, the attack, do not constrain the trembling, to be resolutely righteous; and when it is not clear, should wait and see, defense before the march, Sun Desheng for the cavalry companys face, to fight to participate in the battle, and Li Yunlong firmly disagree, because he knows the valuable cavalry company, he as much as consider this valuable strength to use in a better time, rather than the strength of the elite needlessly killed in battle whether we reflect on ourselves, is not often do not consider the management of management funds, no matter what kind of market is the same heavy position? Shouldnt we think about not wasting our main capital on a high-risk, low-return market? -- Successful investment requires money management If we fail to be patient and impulsively attack at the departure of the infantry, get only one soldier and one pawn, but also will be surprised to the other side, the loss of the general behind our retail investors is impulsive, impatient people, always see small hints on the force, swarming, not only their own unprofitable But the main force to send a signal, "this is not the time to attack" when we are impulsive, that the big fish certainly will not appear at this time, Li Yunlong order "drop the bomb group to lean up" This is like the entry point of the grasp, when the time comes, we must Without hesitation to follow the rhythm if early entry, more than just torture, and late entry, will miss a good time when the shot, is when we can make the least effort to harvest the most abundant time - successful investment needs to grasp the rhythm of the opportunity is a momentary thing if we should be aggressive when we conservative retreat, it is bound to lose A good profit opportunity in the battle of Pingan County, Li Yunlongs strength is outnumbered, Ding Wei in order to reinforce the troops to move against orders, when the guards asked, "whether to consult the superiors" when Ding Wei firmly replied: "The opportunity to fight is ever-changing, fleeting, and then ask for instructions will be too late "This kind of agile approach is also worthy of our study, learning the market is also rapidly changing, do we also have a keen sense, can rely on their own sense of the plate and technology to respond? --When Yamamoto pushed Xiuqin to the city gate and blackmailed Li Yunlong to stop the attack, Li Yunlong was also conflicted, but he weighed the lives of thousands of soldiers and Xiuqin alone, he still decisively chose to "fire" this If we are a little indecisive when we should be decisive and sensible, it will directly affect the success or failure of a deal - a successful one! Investment needs to be decisive in the battle of gunfire, you will see that sometimes the chiefs are playing chess only good internal training and state of mind of people, will not be surprised by the chaos when they can leisurely down, no matter how loud the gunfire outside, they are calm inside their quiet is not without a foundation, the foundation is the situation of the chest of mind when we are in a favorable opportunity, favorable terrain, we have to do only Put down the state of mind, waiting for the arrival of the results think about it, whether they have done "single in hand, no single in mind" the realm? --- Successful investment requires a mindset Zhao Gang said, "A force, there is a character and temperament and this character and temperament, and the head of the military commander related to his character is strong, the force is strong, on the owl the force has a soul from now on, the force no matter how many crop of people have changed The soul of a persons character is very critical, character determines the way we act and do things, and these will also determine the different results of the same thing a persons character, human nature, determine whether he can live in the gold market, live for how long some character is not destined to become a great success, but not impossible, as long as we can find the defects of character, to adjust appropriately. Although we are not soldiers, no general to guide, but trading ideas and trading habits is our invisible general, but we need to figure out, to think, to find the best general we think This process is arduous is long, but once you have found a way to their own investment, then the next thing, will be once and for all (this article is reproduced in the Foreign Exchange Academy) Warren Buffett said, when young understand some laws, and then spend a lifetime to adhere to success is to keep repeating the right thing, but make sure we establish a correct path - -Successful investment requires the concept of trading is divided into several stages: analysis, strategy, philosophy, mind The most elementary investors, that is, only a glance at the price fluctuations, without thinking about the methods and techniques of a slightly higher level of investors, began in the strategy and concept of continuous fumbling, which is the mainstream of retail investors in the market, but the results of fumbling is still confused What they lack is not They always think they are ready enough to think enough, when the thinking brain has not yet opened, they think they have realized, and then immediately in the market to kill the test, but the fact is, they are still half-understood people who can not learn to think, and will never be qualified for success and when the strategy and concept of this breakthrough, there are some people are blocked in the way forward, encountered The bottleneck, that is, the heart of an investors success or failure, great success or small success, is determined by the character, but how to improve the character? It is to repair the heart is to improve to a high quality state of mind, so the mind is only the primary stage of the heart method of this repair, not only moral cultivation, and the cultivation of virtue, which is also the extension of the thick virtue too many investors, just want to seek skills, shortcuts, rather than frankly calm down, down to earth to learn to repair to understand only when we can put a calm state of mind, to accumulate, to think, to perceive, only when It is possible to accumulate and enter the high-end of the investment field - successful investment needs to repair the heart How many shortcuts around us, how many secrets around me, the reason we did not find, because we did not look with the heart, listen with the heart, heart to understand the road of trading lonely and long, I hope that in the future on the road We walk together side by side