In fact, th Best forex trade cashback article does bestcashbackprogramsforex want to write, before writing, tell you some harsh facts, whether it is true or not, if you are still losing Bestforextradecashback, or really necessary to take a good look at the We all know that in the cashback forex market to make money in that part of the people are few forexbrokercashback far between, that is less to what extent? Dont be surprised, this is conservative, and by trading rich people, basically are considered one in a million experts, and is the luck, talent, strength of both gamblers, dont envy, usually one in a million of these experts are basically no good end (off-topic) there is a fact that has to be said, is that in the trading market those excellent traders, most of them are born, with talent The extraordinary, skeletal description is not too much, want to rely on acquired training and towards excellence, basically difficult, not no, is ..... "Less" we usually see a lot of articles about technology and chicken soup articles, "Hey" in fact, many are misleading, not to mention how many people he misled, for some just step into the trading market of the white investors, is indeed played The other thing is, there is no white people tirelessly losing money, we earn whos money to it! And again, the importance of what is most important in the trading market? "Mindset" Yes! It is these two words pitted against each other, what is the mindset, how exactly will have a good mindset? My understanding is: mindset = excellent money management + win rate > 30% trading system in the absence of a high win rate trading system and perfect money management before, you are very difficult to have any good mindset dont tell me you are now holding a loss single mindset is very good, I can only say that you have now reached the highest level of loss goods, they can cheat themselves! Many people have studied a lifetime of technology ultimately or loss why? Because the so-called technical experts are concentrated in 99.8% of the losers! Among the winners in the market, technology takes a back seat to the core of their dominant trading is money management, risk control and trading strategies and the reason they can make money is that 99.8% of the losers do not implement, or do not strictly implement, or do not fully implement money management, risk control, trading strategies two armies against each other if technical analysis is a weapon, the two sides are certainly evenly matched; but if one side But if one party thinks that the two strongest meet the brave wins, they will defy everything, brave the rain of bullets, bare knuckles, they will definitely lose the battle They do not lose in weapons and equipment, but in not knowing how to defend and protect, not knowing the combat strategy, not knowing the use of force, in our trading is risk control, trading strategy, capital management If, we are strict, scientific, reasonable, comprehensive implementation and compliance of capital management, risk control, trading strategy, the technical analysis of the situation, or do not strictly implement, or do not fully implement the implementation of capital management, risk control, trading strategy. If we all strictly, scientifically, rationally and fully implement and follow money management, risk control and trading strategies, technical analysis can only play a role in winning and losing patterns, and that is why 0.2% of the winners only work on money management, risk control and trading strategies, never on technical analysis, which is very coarse, so that they can continue to be winners for 10 years, 20 years, continuously because they have a broad vision and profound ideas. The traders who focus only on technical analysis can not be compared, and the traders who fail will not know what forces are swayed by trading, headlong into the technical analysis books can not be pulled out of the losers and winners in technical analysis is not comparable to the reason, there is another point is the technical analysis itself decided, belongs to the technical analysis of the innate shortcomings, such as the Dow theory research trend, only in the market out of 30% to The trend is confirmed, and will miss the bottom of the time to escape the top technical analysis is ultimately a matter of probability, that is, your technology is good, just research and judgment of the winning margin is greater, there will be a 50%-60% certainty; his technology is poor, only slightly worse, the probability of winning will also be 40%-50% difference, such as a trend top after about 30% of the market, is not the top we should disagree Not much, disagree with a part of the trader will say is close to the top from the overall trend of the viewpoint is basically the same, the difference can be negligible, not so much as to produce a win-lose gap but if you are here full position, heavy intervention problem comes our traders involved in the trend, the direction of the big can see the right, is a heavy position into the small, the magnitude of the adjustment shock out and lost money, a little trance and the trend between The trend is to lose, very regrettable light single position is not afraid of the wrong, because the loss is very small, is to follow the market dawdle around, shock not, also do not run, all the way down the trend, which position and then dynamic management, plus or minus the position camera and move to make a lot of money technical level of strength and weakness of the two sides is actually at most 10% of the gap, you are confident that the level is high, heavy positions to kill, not to implement capital management; level of poorer, more inferior. The more inferior, light position to try a single, the funds get managed finally you see, washed out and lost a lot of money must be the level of high and heavy positions to kill; and the level of slightly worse will always follow the trend down, although the profit will not be too much but he opened up and the gap between the heavy capital several rounds, a couple of years down, between them is a beggar and a rich mans world of difference technical analysis of various schools, various theories, all kinds of indicators The market forecast is not a 100% positive or negative, at most, may be, basic, probably, will be formed, etc., is ambiguous 50% up and down probability are talking about what what may be, basically the formation of what what, how the probability of reversal is large, up market may continue ...... if practice mouth The analyst who lives is even more two-headed, is the proverbial two-headed plug, he is the wallflower who is left and right, there is no wrong time in the stock market, bond market, currency market, futures market winners are generally, bottom buy, steady hold is this the most simple tactic, the whole technical analysis will be subservient in the mainland stock market, each round of major trends to earn more than ten times the winners are the bottom buy, long-term hold to do futures and The top buy, catch the reversal pattern, long-term hold only this move is well mastered, is a hundred times, hundreds of times, thousands of times the win, you can be invincible, used for life, become a winner in life in the speculative market, if you want to select the top ten ultimate killing weapons, I think, money management can rank second, ranked first is still the Little Lee flying knife Little Lee flying knife with what long-term occupation of the weapons spectrum ranked first The reason is The reason is that the speculative market, there is no one who dares to receive the flying dagger, even if you can avoid the first, it is difficult to avoid the fifteenth flying dagger stunt is difficult to learn, we omitted to mention! Next, we continue to pick up the depth of the so-called money management, just like the force to open the last layer of mysterious veil on the body of a beautiful woman, to see, money management of the carcass in the end how graceful and colorful trading system is a prerequisite for money management to understand what is money management, there is a point of view must be stressed first: the market is not predictable to see here is estimated that some people want to jump up and shout with me: not predict the ups and downs, how to buy and sell, how to buy and sell? Not predict the rise and fall, how to buy and sell, not because I am optimistic about a stock to rise, I buy it to do what? In this regard, I reserve the right not to explain, from prediction to non-prediction this is a hurdle, need a little speculative wisdom to understand, to understand the natural will understand, did not understand before, face-to-face explanation of ten days and a half months will not have results if you can not understand the market rise and fall unpredictable this view, but the heart is willing to accept the unpredictable, then, you need to give yourself a little time to think, one day will understand if you If you are inherently opposed to the market is unpredictable this view, I do not want to deny you, and do not deny me, or quarrel, or even fight it is not necessary not to predict the market, it is possible to make money, take my trading system, is based on the rules of non-prediction above the establishment, has been profitable that rely on the prediction of the market can make money or not? Yes! Some stock commentary stock recommendation V, is to rely on the prediction of stock recommendation every year to earn hundreds of millions of dollars by predicting the purchase and sale of stocks can make money? Dont say Im ignorant, Ive seen occasional windfall, but never seen long-term stable profit Why do you want to emphasize the non-prediction? Because only know not to predict, can really understand comprehend the trading rules, only understand the trading rules, can effectively build their own trading system mature trading system is should include money management, money management should not exist independently of the trading system, remember is not should, not can I personally think, if you want to accurately understand the trading rules system, money management these concepts, the first thing to learn not to Prediction! If you have not understood not to predict, it is possible that what you currently understand, not at all what I said, and may even misunderstand, why have not been talking about money management, this is one of the reasons, afraid to speak of the wrong, misleading people from the risk control to achieve money management in order to facilitate your understanding, I still use the average trading system to explain, gold fork open more, dead fork flat more open hypothesis, the average trading system accuracy rate is 30%, the average profit-loss ratio is 7:3. The average profit-loss ratio is 7:3, then, without considering the transaction fees and costs, the entire trading system is not earn money how to understand? For example, trading a hundred single, 30 single make money, 70 single loss, make money on average a single earn 70,000, loss of money on average a single loss of 30,000, of course, the calculation down nothing in practice, simply to the indicators to establish the trading rules and trading system, most can only do not lose in the assumption that, by backtesting long-term historical data, the systems maximum loss reached 80%, then, it can be said that the system is not only Not profitable, and the risk factor is also very large, the maximum retracement of 80% which is very scary how to understand it? If you have a million dollars, the maximum loss to only 200,000 funds, although the final result is still able to earn back a million, but the risk factor in the process is extremely large, it can be said to have been out of control, encountered a terrible black swan, at any time may be burst for a risky, not very profitable system, is not completely unusable? Answer: certainly not We first look at the risk, the systems maximum retracement is 80%, so whether this risk can be reduced some of it? Of course, if the position is reduced by half, then the overall risk factor is also reduced by half, the maximum retracement has become 40% then we reduce the position to 25%? Then is not the maximum retracement is also reduced to 20% when we write "maximum position control within 25%" as a rule to our trading system, we get a low-risk maximum retracement of 20%, no money system Note that this "maximum position control within 25%" is a simple and brutal capital management system in a rule, this rule is mainly used for risk control Trading system risk control, from reasonable capital management off-topic, we all know that you can not operate full positions, but most people do not know why you can not operate full positions, the answer lies here in the capital management to enlarge profits for us, a low-risk, but not much money trading system, in fact, is not much use in the focus, how to make this system to achieve positive returns to make money? The actual operation does not change the rules of opening and closing positions, is not change the 30% accuracy rate, for 7 to 3 profit and loss ratio we can not change, although helpless but not without a solution, we can change the position, if we can do the average position of the profit single 25%, the average position of the loss single position control in about 10% of the position, then we do not realize the profit? If there is 1 million, loss single each single average position of 100,000, a loss of 3,000, then according to the trading system 7 to 3 profit-loss ratio and 25% of the position rate of 250,000, which is equivalent to a profit of 17,500 per single profitable single profit per 100 single about 30 single x 1.75 million - 70 single x 3,000 = 315,000 question arises, how can we achieve the overall position control of the loss single at 10%, while the profit The overall position of the single enlarged to 25%? In fact, there are many ways to do it, which is relatively easy to understand is to add and subtract rules, different systems correspond to different add and subtract rules on a small position control, for the trading system is a big topic, here first not to discuss, the follow-up dedicated to open a discussion, please continue to pay attention to the public number through the development of a series of rules, and control the size of the position of light and heavy, enlarge the profit This process, also belongs to the category of money management money management here is almost playing the role of profit maximization a good money management, can make the system that was not profitable into a profitable system, make a small amount of money system into a system that makes a lot of money the end of the summary of the simple rules for opening and closing positions, coupled with good money management, you can create a profitable, risk-controlled trading system excellent A good trading system consists of trading rules and money management. A reasonable money management can effectively control the risk of avoiding the trading system, while effectively amplifying the profitability of the trading system.
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