Def Bestforextradecashbackition of Best forex trade cashback In market research, the concept of trend forexbrokercashback absolutely the core content of all the tools we use - K lines, pressure bestcashbackprogramsforex support, trend lines, averages, trading patterns and so on, the sole purpose of which is to allow us to find the trend and trade in the cashback forex of the trend Just like the surfing masters, always follow the power of the tide, the game in which in the market, always Trade with the trend, follow the trend of all kinds of talk, it is really the old hand What is the trend?  The trend is the direction of market advancement trend trajectory is like a series of waves, with quite obvious peaks and valleys Trend has three directions: up, down, and lateral extensions in the uptrend buy before selling, in the downtrend sell before buying, in the lateral extension of the trend stand aside or high throw low suction Uptrend is a series of sequential rising peaks and valleys, downtrend is a series of sequential falling peaks and valleys However, people also like to refer to lateral extensions as trendless markets trend lines are probably the most commonly used form of technical analysis and they are also probably the most underutilized if drawn correctly, they can be as accurate as any other method Unfortunately, most traders do not draw trend lines correctly and instead use them to draw a trend line. In their most basic form, uptrend lines plot support areas along easily identifiable bottoms In downtrends, trend lines plot resistance areas along easily identifiable tops Trend character - with inertia Trends have inertia and will usually maintain their original direction without changing the trend will most likely continue in the original direction until the end of the strong, the original direction of the momentum is completely offset by the momentum of the other direction, the trend will only develop in the other direction  three levels of trends these three levels are primary trends, secondary trends and short-term trends PrimaryTrends: primary trends are like the rising and ebbing tides of the sea, which is a longer period of time SecondaryTrends: SecondaryTrends are like the waves that emerge in the tide, SecondaryTrends are corrections in the opposite direction of the PrimaryTrends, which are the rebound (ReactionWave) or backward correction (CorrectionWave) of the PrimaryTrends MinorTrends: MinorTrends are like small splashes, small in magnitude & small in size. Like a small splash, the magnitude is not large How to draw a trend line?  To draw a trendline correctly, all you have to do is find two major tops or bottoms and connect them   Types of trends Three types of trendlines 1. Uptrends (gradual upward lows) 2. Downtrends (gradual downward highs) 3. Sideways trend (area, range) Here are some important things to remember about trend lines:  It takes at least two tops or one bottom to draw a valid trend line, but it takes three points to confirm a trend line The less reliable a steep trend line is in the drawing, the more likely it is to break Just as with support and resistance levels, the The more times it is tested, the stronger the trend line More importantly, never draw trend lines by forcing them to fit the market If they dont fit, then the trend line wont work Forex trading, follow the trend The market trend, vast and volatile, with it is prosperous, against it is dead Follow the trend is to follow the direction of the trend We know that the trend is divided into three level how to follow the trend?  That is to follow the direction of the primary trend, see the analogy below PrimaryTrends: The primary trend is like a high-speed train with plenty of power going far away, and it can take us to our destination with ease!  Dont fight against the primary trends. To go against the direction of the primary trends is like standing in front of a moving train!  Secondary trends (SecondaryTrends): Secondary trends are like intermediate stops on a moving train, where the train replenishes its supplies and allows passengers to get on and off, just like people who are tired of running and need to rest.  At this point there are subtle situations where some traders who entered the market earlier in line with the primary trend take profits, some who did not enter the market take advantage of the opportunity to enter, and worst of all, those who stubbornly traded against the primary trend, they will soon be crushed by the restarted primary trend!  MinorTrends: Minor fluctuations are like sitting on a moving train, with small daily fluctuations. Otherwise never block the moving car, stubbornly counter-trend!  The trend is like the flow of a river, and it cannot be changed by the will of the trader. Therefore, a wise trader should trade in the direction of the trend and not change it forcibly. Direction can only be achieved if the traders judgment is consistent with the direction of the trend Therefore confirmation of the direction of the trend is very important for a trader, but with the aid of many technical analysis tools that can help us to correctly distinguish the direction of the trend! For example: K lines, averages, trend lines…… In the next section, we will talk about these tools Summary The concept of trend is absolutely central to the content of all the tools we use - K lines, pressure and support, trend lines, averages, trading patterns, etc., whose sole purpose is to allow us to find the trend and trade in the direction of the trend  Trends have three directions: up, down, and sideways. In an uptrend, you buy before you sell, in a downtrend you sell before you buy, and in a sideways trend you sit back and watch or sell high and sell low. A smart trader should trade in the direction of the trend and not try to force a change in the trend. The assistance of many technical analysis tools can help us to correctly distinguish the direction of the trend  
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