Foreign exchange trad Bestforextradecashbackg Best forex trade cashback the exchange of a countrys currency with another countrys currency forexbrokercashback other financial markets are different, the foreign exchange market does not have a specific location, there is no central exchange, but through the electronic network between banks, businesses and individuals to trade The reason why the currency can be used to trade includes two aspects of content, one is to rely on the constant change in the cashback forex of the currency to make a profit; the other aspect is The difference in interest rates of the currencies provide arbitrage trading opportunities Here we will mainly talk to you about how to make profits between the different spreads of the currencies Generally speaking, the quotes of the currencies include 2 aspects, the bid price and the ask price For example, the quote of EUR/USD is bestcashbackprogramsforex.36103/1.36132, which means that it takes 136.132 USD to buy 100 euros, while selling 100 euros is For example, the quote for EUR/USD is 1.36103/1.36132, which means it costs $136.132 to buy 100 euros and $1.36102 to sell 100 euros. The slight spread between buying and selling is the cost of the transaction  When you trade forex, you can buy one currency and sell another at the same time. Bear market First, you need to consider whether the currency you want to trade is likely to rise or fall, which is the basis of your trading strategy For example, EUR/USD is currently quoted at 1.3038/1.3040, as a buyer you think the euro will rise in the future, so you do long EUR/USD, the price is 1.3040 buy later because the eurozone economy is improving, or the U.S. economy is back The price of EUR/USD rose as you judged, i.e. EUR/USD was later quoted at 1.3072/1.3074, and you closed your previous position to sell at 1.3072 so that you earned 32 (points) = 1.3072 – 1.3040, if each point is worth $1, you gained If each point is worth $1, you have made a profit of $32 Similarly, using the previous example, the quote for EUR/USD is 1.3038/1.3040, as a seller you feel that the euro will fall in the future and you decide to sell, then your trade is to sell at 1.3038 and finally the quote for EUR/USD is 1.3072/1.3074 and you decide to end with a bid of 1.3074 Close the position in hand, your trade lost 36 (pips) = 1.3074 – 1.3038, so if each point is worth $1, you lost a total of $36 From the above example can be seen, foreign exchange trading can be maintained at the same time to do long or short trading method of foreign exchange trading, the most important point is to judge the price fluctuations, understand The trend of price changes in the upward trend, to maintain the idea of doing more; in the downward trend, to maintain the idea of doing short, only in this way can the price changes in the profit
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