often have foreign exchange cashback forexvestors ask me, want to speculate in foreign exchange need some what? A computer multiple d bestcashbackprogramsforexplays a bank card to choose a suitable Bestforextradecashback platform to open an account, deposit MT4, MT5 or other self-developed trading software forex knowledge base … … in fact, in addition to these basic configuration, there is a condition is also crucial that is the stability of the trading network, fast forex market fluctuations very quickly, so the speed of the execution of orders is very Important, if the network speed is not very stable, when the need to execute orders, card machine disconnected, it will bring unnecessary losses when the underlying market appears significant quotes, the same moment there may be many customers in the same operation, forexbrokercashback before the spread widens, usually only relatively limited liquidity for investors to capture, at this time want to order in a relatively good price to fill, you need not only Is a stable network, but also the need for relatively low latency where to do foreign exchange automated trading, are inseparable from the Best forex trade cashback, this virtual host in performance and configuration is far better than the home computer, 24 hours can operate normally EA program, even if you run in parallel with the independent single system, expert signal system, but also smoothly in the MT4/MT5 above to do transactions So, if the EA is compared to a car, then the VPS is unimpeded VPS (VirtualPrivateServer) technology, which splits a server into multiple virtual private servers for quality service implementation VPS technology is divided into containers, technology and virtualization technology in the container or virtual machine, each VPS can be assigned an independent public IP address, independent Operating system, to achieve the isolation of disk space, memory, CPU resources, processes and system configuration between different VPS, for users and applications to simulate the experience of exclusive use of computing resources heard such a professional IT explanation, I believe that most novice forex traders can not draw a parallel between it and foreign exchange transactions, but in fact the use of VPS has long been popular abroad more commonly known as: VPS VPS is also equivalent to a computer, is a service provider to provide you with a computer, but we only have the right to operate it, and no physical to you, the operation on the VPS is the same as we operate the computer at home in a word, VPS is a server with a public IP As a trader, VPS (Virtual Private Server) service is absolutely sooner or later used but the specific way to use it depends on whether you The beginning of the automated service to do trading has been mentioned VPS virtual place is to split a server into multiple virtual dedicated servers, each server can be run independently at the same time, which reduces the cost of personal ownership of the server after having their own VPS, you will have an exclusive flexible, stable and convenient server So how much does this really have to do with foreign exchange? Why not trade on your own computer and choose a VPS? Here are a few advantages of using a VPS in forex trading:  A. Trading anywhere, anytime If you only have a desktop computer rather than a laptop, then you will not be able to trade anywhere, anytime You may not want to buy a laptop or your broker does not support mobile trading, or the broker does not provide an online trading platform, or you may want to execute trades even after the computer is turned off, then VPS will be your choice Second, no need to worry about power problems even if the power outage, VPS trading will not be interrupted if you use the automated trading, then even if the power outage trading will continue your automated on the system will be uninterrupted allow, even if not online can also easily get profits Third, the reliable security of the best quality companies provide more VPS system usually also means that the best quality security management center VPS servers are subject to regular checks to ensure that they function properly and most companies guarantee 99.99% uptime If the VPS provider is unable to meet uptime, customers can be compensated according to the relevant provisions in the service level agreement Also your system will receive antivirus software as well as other tools to ensure that the system is protected from In addition, in the event of a network failure, the VPS can provide a backup of the arch trading environment iv. reduce slippage and reduce latency generation Even if you do not use an automated program on the VPS and choose to trade manually, you can still enjoy this benefit of the VPS server for you compared to your personal computer, the VPS executes trades faster because of its faster transmission of orders and thus in trading The latency (latency is the calculation of the time it takes to send a message to the broker/liquidity providers server, usually measured in milliseconds) will be further reduced, and slippage will be reduced as a result, and as we all know, the loss from slippage is usually higher than the price of renting a VPS server, so VPS definitely counts as one of the best ways to reduce your losses and surprises In addition, the current domestic network trading environment Still not good, as we all know, Chinas network environment is still not high quality, so the benefits of VPS can be further reflected, so it can be mentioned arch continuous stable and fast trading environment, especially when running multiple strategies of hedging portfolio, this is extremely important V. Important considerations for automated trading as foreign exchange dealers are abroad, the speed of access abroad and domestic than, to slow Many and the foreign exchange market changes very quickly, this data delay for this market is sometimes not allowed maybe EA would have placed a single, because the data did not arrive in time, it missed, that is money ah! So professional exchange friends not only pay attention to the collection, research, and purchase of good intelligent trading (EA) system, but also the beloved EA installed on the VPS (Virtual Private Server), so as to ensure the long-term stable operation of the system, of course, the most important is to ensure the opportunity to make money, not to lose or miss the opportunity due to network inaccessibility or power outages Does everyone need VPS services? The answer is no. Some traders will benefit greatly from VPS service, but others may only gain from it by reducing the likelihood of slippage and some other benefits, but if your main strategy is automated trading, or if you dont have enough trading tools, then consider VPS service Is there a free VPS service? Some retail forex brokers currently offer free VPS access to their high-end account holders, providing them with a stable, low-cost, flexible solution for virtual trading domestic and foreign more professional VPS service providers domestic VPS recommended to choose Ali cloud server (Ali cloud server coupons, Ali cloud server vouchers to receive, Ali cloud latest promotions) or Tencent cloud server ( Tencent cloud server latest promotions, Tencent cloud server coupons Tencent cloud vouchers to receive) foreign VPS server is recommended to choose the very cost-effective Vultr (click directly to the purchase page)
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