The management methods of transaction risk can be divided into three categ cashback forexies: ① available for the choice of preventive measures when signing a bestcashbackprogramsforex, including the choice of a good contract Best forex trade cashback, add the terms of the contract, adjust the price or interest rate 1) choose a good contract currency in relation to Bestforextradecashback trade and lending and other economic transactions, choose what currency to sign a contract as the currency of denomination settlement or denomination liquidation The currency is directly related to whether the subject of the transaction will bear the forexbrokercashback rate risk in the selection of the contract currency can follow the following basic principles: first, strive to use the national currency as the contract currency second, exports, lending capital output strive to use the coin, that is, in the foreign exchange market exchange rate trend of appreciation of the currency 2) in the contract to add the currency preservation clause currency preservation refers to the selection of a certain and the contract currency inconsistent, value Stable currency, the amount of the contract will be converted to the selected currency to indicate the settlement or liquidation, the amount of the contract currency to complete the receipt and payment of the amount of the selected currency Currently, countries are using the currency preservation clause is mainly a basket of currency preservation clause, is to choose a variety of currencies to the contract currency preservation, that is, when the contract is signed, to determine the exchange rate between the selected currency and the contract currency, and provide for each of the selected If the exchange rate changes, then in settlement or liquidation, according to the rate of change and the weight of each selected currency, the amount of the contract currency received and paid for the corresponding adjustment 3) Adjustment of price or interest rate in a transaction, both sides of the transaction for the contract currency has been favorable is impossible, when one party has to accept the currency unfavorable to itself as the contract currency, you can strive to negotiate the price or interest rate to make appropriate adjustments: the price or interest rate of the contract currency, the price or interest rate of the contract currency. the price or interest rate for appropriate adjustments: such as the requirement to appropriately increase the export price of soft currency denominated settlement, or soft currency denominated settlement of the loan interest rate; the requirement to appropriately reduce the import price of coin denominated settlement, or coin denominated settlement of the loan interest rate ② financial market operations after the signing of the transaction contract, foreign economic entities can use the foreign exchange market and currency market to eliminate foreign exchange risk main methods are, spot exchange transactions, Futures trading, futures trading, options trading, borrowing and investment, borrowing cash trading investment, foreign currency notes discount, interest rates and currency swaps, etc. 1) cash trading here mainly refers to foreign exchange banks in the foreign exchange market using spot trading on their daily foreign exchange positions for balanced foreign exchange trading 2) borrowing and investment refers to the same currency, the same amount, the same term by creating and future foreign exchange income or expenditure Debt or debt, in order to achieve the purpose of eliminating foreign exchange risk 3) foreign currency notes discounting this method is conducive to accelerating the exporters capital turnover, but also to achieve the purpose of eliminating foreign exchange risk exporters in the case of providing capital financing to importers, and have forward foreign exchange notes, you can take forward foreign exchange notes to the bank to request discounting, advance access to foreign exchange, and will be sold to obtain the local currency cash ③ other management methods In addition to the above methods of signing contracts and methods with the help of financial operations, there are some methods, mainly: advance or wrong, matching, insurance