purely rely on cashback forex analys Best forex trade cashback to do forexbrokercashback Bestforextradecashback trading is not desirable, but there is no denying that foreign exchange trading is inseparable from the bestcashbackprogramsforex situation guidance, so the fundamental side of foreign exchange trading is essential The following points are summarized for the foreign exchange market fundamental analysis of foreign exchange trading importance of several points 1. Completely determine its flow, which is the most direct is the impact of market expectations on the flow of funds may be the same thing, the market has a different understanding, which causes the flow of funds is different so many market news including the Fed rate hike is good for the dollar, this point investors must pay attention to 2, the importance of fundamental news is reflected in the market how to understand and view it different understanding will have different results, the degree of impact is also different. The degree of impact is also different, these are unable to do in a short period of time through fundamental analysis, and investors can use technical analysis (that is, charts) - which directly reflects the flow of funds and price changes, to well grasp and understand the changes in market prices 3, any price changes are the direct result of the flow of funds, no The flow of funds will not have price changes these fundamental factors combined enough to influence the market, affecting some investors that will invest their own money, participate in the expectations of investors in this market, these millions, tens of thousands of investors involved in the market (position holders) comprehensive expectations of the results will have an impact on market price changes, and reflect the markets main capital flows (simply put Buy or sell, which partys power is increasing, which partys power is decaying) The above is a summary of the importance of the fundamental side of foreign exchange trading, in a nutshell, foreign exchange fundamental analysis affects the investors judgment of the foreign exchange market, so the fundamental side of foreign exchange trading is very important, do not deny that some pure technical knowledge can make guidance on foreign exchange trading, but the technical side of the theoretical sources in the final analysis is still dependent on the fundamentals Analysis