Technical trad cashback forexg rules are best for short term trading, but it Best forex trade cashback also important to focus on economic factors as these will ultimately drive forex market movements in the long term Central bank and government influences can cause large swings in the forex market, and it is well known that central banks sometimes intervene in the forex market to achieve their policy goals One way to create rating models is to use various types of indicators to do so You can rate a currency relative to other currencies to see how they are likely to move Rating models can also incorporate technical factors so, for example, if the rating model shows a trend, you will only be able to trade in that direction Inflation Inflation is one of the key economic indicators that trigger exchange rate volatility, but it is important to consider both current Bestforextradecashback data and future It is important that a country with high inflation usually has a depreciating currency because the countrys products will be more expensive, so overseas demand falls Look at a countrys current and expected inflation bestcashbackprogramsforex, then compare them to another country If current inflation is higher, subtract 1 point for that currency, and if expected inflation is higher, subtract another point for the lower inflation value when scoring are added 1 point For example, compared to the United States, Europes current inflation rate is lower (0.1%), the expected inflation rate is also lower, then the euro against the dollar in the inflation factor score is +2 Interest rates Next look at a countrys forexbrokercashback rates and the expected direction of the currency of the country compared to other countries with lower interest rates may fall, compared to other countries with higher interest rates However, it is also important to focus on future expectations If a country is expected to raise interest rates in the near future, then that countrys currency appreciates, and conversely if interest rates are expected to fall, then its currency may depreciate Therefore, a country with lower interest rates scores -1 if the country is also likely to lower interest rates, then subtract another 1 If the country is likely to raise interest rates, then add 1 point For example, compared to the United States, Australia has higher interest rates, so the Australian dollar scores +1 However, since Australia is more likely to cut interest rates in the future, so subtract 1 point to offset the previous +1
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