forexbrokercashback mean is a mathematical law that exists cashback forex nature and society golden mean source from the golden mean, is a method of calculating strong resistance or strong support, that is, people think that the index or currency movement of resistance or support will be related to a series of numbers of the golden mean, available these numbers to predict the bestcashbackprogramsforex  golden mean provides Some not easy to be broken resistance or support level, investors need to confirm whether the resistance or support level is broken before making investment decisions, rather than a resistance level to sell or a support level to buy the longer the period used to predict the golden mean, the higher the accuracy tends to be the golden mean in technical analysis of the foreign exchange market is very mysterious, although it can not be tried and tested, but its sometimes shows a mysterious Regularity, especially when used to judge the long-period trend will often have an unexpected role in this article for investors to explain the golden mean and application of the drawing, I hope it will help investors!  First, the golden mean overview golden mean method, also known as the golden ratio method, is a kind of aesthetics in the most harmonious ratio applied to the analysis of the stock market exchange rate trend, to explore the future support and resistance of the exchange rate, as well as predict the exchange rate rise, fall technical analysis method golden mean is the use of the principle of the golden mean ratio of the market analysis, and accordingly give the corresponding tangent Bestforextradecashback position golden mean principle originated in Fibonacci series, the well-known golden ratio of Best forex trade cashback.618 is the ratio of two adjacent values in the Fibonacci series, while the more important ratios of 0.191, 0.382, 0.809 and so on are derived from it Among them, the most commonly used ratio of the golden ratio of 0.382, 0.618, the application of this to the analysis of the market, it can be understood that the above ratio corresponds to the position Generally easy to generate strong support and pressure in a round of intermediate market after the end of the trend of the currency market or the exchange rate will move in the opposite direction to the previous either from a downtrend to an uptrend or from an uptrend to a downtrend, can be the most recent trend in the market between the important highs and lows as an analysis of the range, the original range of 0.191, 0.382, 0.50, 0.618, 0.818, 0.618, 0.618. 0.618, 0.809 divided into five golden section points, the exchange rate in the market reversal will likely encounter temporary resistance or support on these golden section points In the application of the golden section line and the percentage line need to pay attention to: for the golden section line, the most important two lines for 0.382 and 0.618 in the rebound market 0.382 position for the weak rebound target, 0.618 position for a strong rebound target and in the retracement process, if it is a strong retracement, the 0.382 line should be stronger support if it is a weak retracement, the 0.618 line is strong support For example, a section of the market back support can be calculated using the following formula: a section of the market back support = a section of the market high - (a section of the market high - a section of the market low) ÷ 0.382 (or 0.618) Second, the application of the golden mean 0.618 method, from the law of nature, used in stock trading is very accurate, briefly as follows: He is divided into: 1.191, 1.382, 1.500, 1.618, 1.809, etc., each line is a resistance level, generally as long as there is a market, each foreign exchange will break through 1.191 on the 1.382 line, part of the foreign exchange on the 1.618 line a few on the 1.809 line, very few foreign exchange breakthrough 1.809 line and higher The stage of the top (1.000) for the gold line is divided into: 0.809, 0.618, 0.500, 0.382, 0.191 each line is a strong support level, strong type of currency, foreign exchange mostly in the 0.809 line to stop the fall Rebound, the weak currency to 0.618 line or 0.382 line and so on according to the gold line speculation, safer! From the high fall less than 0.618 line near, do not as the starting point of the gold line there is no bottom higher than the bottom of the foreign exchange low, do not make the starting point of the gold line In the rising market began to turn down, we are extremely concerned about the decline will be supported in what position, the application of the first line of data from the golden mean: support = highest point - (highest point - lowest point) * 0.191 support = highest point - (highest point - lowest point) * 0.191 support = highest point -Theoretically speaking, the exchange rate at the above price levels is very likely to become support Similarly, in the falling market began to turn upward, the application of the second line of data from the above golden mean: resistance points at 1.382, 1.618 and Third, the golden mean of the drawing method At present, the vast majority of foreign exchange analysis software on the drawing line auxiliary function, the golden mean of the drawing line is relatively simple, the drawing method is as follows: 1, the first is to find the analysis software drawing line function will click; 2, in the drawing line tool block click the golden mean, if a round of uptrend to end after the fall, on the trend chart from a relative high point to draw The previous relative low; conversely, from a low point to a high point, so that you can draw the main support and resistance 3, if the exchange rate is at the bottom of the stage of recovery, the low point as the base point, click on this low point with the left mouse button, and hold down the left mouse button, drag the mouse so that the side line aligned with the corresponding high point, that is, back to the peak of this down wave, release the left mouse button system that generates the upward rebound on the file Pressure level of the golden mean for example: September 13, 2004 1259 low point as the base point, April 2004 1783 high point for the peak of the golden mean, 1259 point to start the counter-attack just in the golden mean blocked back down If the exchange rate is in the top of the stage, this high point as the base point, click with the left mouse button this high point, and hold down the left mouse button, drag the mouse to make The side line aligned with the corresponding low point, that is, back to the trough of this up wave, release the left mouse button system that generates the golden mean for example: March 2003 1529 high point as the base point, January 2003 1311 low point for the trough made of the golden mean, which 1311-1529 0.382 retracement level for 1445 points, and the market just at 1447 points to stabilize and start The actual operation also need to pay attention to: the most important two lines in the golden mean line for 0.382, 0.618, in the rebound 0.382 for the weak rebound position, 0.618 for the strong rebound position, in the retracement 0.382 for the strong retracement position, 0.618 for the weak retracement position Draw a good golden mean line, the most important is the two points, that is, the highest point and lowest point in a wave of the market  The role of the golden mean: you can predict in advance the location of the rise and fall, as well as rebound resistance and fall support prices In the foreign exchange analysis software, click on the line drawing function, select the golden mean, and then applied to the foreign exchange K-line chart, if the rising market in the golden mean, from the lowest point to the highest point; if you draw down the golden mean, from the highest point to the lowest point Fourth, the golden mean of the five trading segments Law 1, patiently hold to breakthrough in the 1.191 line within the purchase of foreign exchange is the safest, for foreign exchange consolidation period there is always a breakthrough of that day in this price level even do not have to make a difference, patiently hold for the first gold line position: is the foreign exchange consolidation period once the exchange rate breaks through the 1.191 line, must be on the mode to 1.382 line you must throw or will fall back to the first rush high throw off! And pullback will also be to 1.191 line so far, you must buy back 2, high throw low absorption gold in 1.191-1.382 can be spread high throw low absorption, do not be afraid, this area must not set you dealer profit is not very big, and in the pull up on the way, the dealer himself will also high throw low absorption to reduce their holding costs to their familiar foreign exchange more for the spread, but also dare to make the spread 1.382 line is strong resistance level, strong resistance level has a very long period of consolidation, and once the effective breakthrough, the exchange rate will be difficult to fall below the 1.382 line, it is best to throw away at 1.191 price + (1.382 price - 1.191 price) * 0.618 level 3, the tigers mouth to be careful in 1.382-1.618 can also be spread but is the tigers mouth, should be doubly careful best at 1.382 price + (1.618 price -1.382 price)*0.618 level to throw away, from the high level of the fall of the foreign exchange do not grab the bounce at 0.809 level, but in the 0.618 level, but up 10% must be thrown away, do not fetish 4, high on the buy should not be on the 1.618 foreign exchange, meaning that from the low has risen 62%, no special good news, do not buy in the 1.618 line near the foreign exchange in the line near the longer the consolidation, shipping the greater the probability of shipping, be doubly careful!  5, the scenery is infinite in the peak of the foreign exchange on 1.809, may be infinite scenery, there are multiples of the opportunity to rise five, the golden mean experience 1, the golden mean on the rush to escape the top, the rush to the bottom often has a miraculous effect but you must first choose the starting point and end point 2, the starting point and end point, generally speaking, is to choose the most recent wave is more obvious ascending or descending wave of the starting point end point if you can count the waves, that filter out the consolidation to find The real starting point of the rising wave is better how good it is all depends on the choice of the starting point and end point 3, to do a rising wave of the golden mean, the key point will become the support of the falling wave to do a falling wave of the golden mean, the key point will become the resistance of the rising wave theoretically, in practice is often support and resistance conversion, so I just consider the key point as the gateway 4, not only 0.191, 0.382, 0.5 0.382, 0.5, 0.618, 0.809 five positions, can be extended 1.191, 1.382 and other positions are effective 5, the more important points are 0.382 and 0.618 position 6, the big trend to find the big trend of the rising or falling wave, the small trend to find a small trend in the 60-minute k-line chart painting will be very surprising 7, in the time chart to capture the new rising wave at any time or down wave re-drawing, decide the key point after the large than the small accurate, new than the old accurate 8, used in the large index analysis or large market analysis than small strong Zhuang currency analysis more accurate 9, do not believe that each point will be useful, how the volume, what angle can be broken off, very worth studying 10, painting this must find a good software
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