In forexbrokercashbacking technical analys bestcashbackprogramsforex of foreign exchange, I used to set the average of the 30-day, 60-day, 120-day (i.e., half-year Best forex trade cashback), 250-day annual line (sometimes 240), plus a 377-day line, a look at the whole chart, it is Bestforextradecashback difficult to see the trend of the market is around the 30-day line up cashback forex down for finishing, it is clear that the importance of the 30-day average, the following main explanation of how to determine the long-term trend of the market?  If the 30-day line began to penetrate the 60-day line, supplemented by the 250-day annual line began to perfect a little, even if it is upward warp a penny of the spread of the time, it is determined to buy the trend of having these three resonance, set is a big bull (if you do not believe you set the average system so, and then find some previous bull to verify whether so) once the 30 on the 60-day line success, just need to hold patiently, because they The next will again cross 120, 250, 377 and then evenly disperse this is the legendary five lines bloom usually can bull more than half a year even if down, every time you meet the average line will stop falling, and then continue to move up The average line mantra under the year line becomes flat, ready to catch the old bear year line to turn up, back to step firmly buy!  The annual line downward, must be clear, such as waiting for the half-year line, temporarily do wall watch Deep fall below the annual line, the old bear live year and a half price stable annual line, a thousand li horse debut To ask why? Bull and bear a line of death! Half-year line down through, do not dip Half-year line on the inflection, resolutely decisive buy! Quarterly line under the penetration, the market is not optimistic!  Quarterly line upward, long-term do long! The monthly line does not penetrate, the light is ahead!  The stock price stepped on the quarter line, enter the market to do swing quarter line if broken, there is a disaster in front of you, long-term upward, short-term winding, a platform is made, the stock price upward leap monthly line through the quarter, buy and other profits monthly line downward, the wave has been completed!  The price of the monthly line flat, the bottom has been explored 20 line flat, wait and see temporary short 20 on the warp, as if the charge is suddenly accelerated, one step away from the top!  10 days Zhuang cost, not broken not go people short look 3 days, broken you run K-line system has several combinations, but the most commonly used is the combination of 5, 10, 20, 60 moving averages, you can use this combination to determine the short-term trend 20, 40, 60, 120 this combination is long-term, so that long-term trend can be used Want to do a good job of technical plate analysis, just rely on the K-line is far from enough. There are also changes in volume, other technical indicators such as: MACD, BOLL, OBV, VR ... There are a lot of integrated look, the most important thing is to study the psychology of the main institutions, anything you want to do well to do professional, investors still need to understand more basic knowledge, more knowledge of the market, so that you can do to know your enemy!
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