trad cashback forexg 4 years, from blind to technology from the concept to the system from the strategy to the psychology will be a variety of technical theory, know a variety of trading concepts, others see me as a master, in fact, I am an uncomprom Best forex trade cashbacking Bestforextradecashback of goods, analysis up a variety of theories, trading up a variety of errors above this situation is afraid that many forex traders will encounter the problem. Talking about the theory, talking about technology, that is simply spittle flying, but really on the battlefield, the loss of pants are gone This is the same with me, learning for 5 years, what technology have seen, mainstream technology will be, the fundamentals are familiar with, talk about the day people are sighing - damn old often so many years of fumbling really NB, bestcashbackprogramsforex then loss, non-stop Loss, to the death loss ( ̄Д ̄)cleaners in even loss after 5 years, suddenly look open, fuck, all the fucking bullshit no, so, the Dow Theory, an average, light position, began to make money ...... more think more review, less moving less blowing pussy ...... more think, think about their own character and operating habits What is the character and operating habits, and how should the system that goes with it be combined? I dare say that I have learned almost all of the technology, this thing is forexbrokercashback to do it, not to say to choose the most suitable, first save out a few sets of programs is not difficult, right? More review, before you save you think suitable for their own program system to bring into the elements of the field to run, to see what kind of revenue curve can run out of your system in a variety of situations in a variety of species, so you have your own number, also have confidence, find problems or modify less move, in the system is not determined well, confidence is not enough, less take real money to move under the field, the system is determined, less nothing to change the west to change less blowing forced, which I will not Explain it ......PS: forget a point, light position, light position, light position, the important thing to say three times in addition, analysis is analysis, trading is trading dont use your analysis to do trading analysis and then good execution cant keep up with the same is to get out of the recommended more attention to the current market trend, and dont guess the future direction of the market why the back and forth Can not come out because know too much, but delayed to solve the root cause of the problem then the root cause of the problem where? Execution! In this market inside the fight and not the more you will do the better the opposite Avenue to the simple, the same way (this article from: Foreign Exchange Institute) behind the problem there is treasure! Since we know the root cause of the problem, then the next step is how to solve very simple, after each transaction into the market, its profit and loss has nothing to do with you do a good job stop loss put a good take profit turn off the plate away from the market if your trading cycle is relatively large that is more simple, every now and then look at the market for a while can say so may feel that I am perfunctory, in fact, not off the plate away from the market is afraid that you can not control the process of staring at the plate yourself if you can then the best execution to keep up with the possibility that you can not be as stable profitability to solve this problem the simplest and most direct way is to control your maximum loss, the less the better maximum loss control, and then find a way to control the maximum retraction of funds you combat 4 years, profitability should not be lacking, lacking in how to persist
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