bestcashbackprogramsforex mature and immature and age has forexbrokercashbackh cashback forexg to do with people mature or immature, that Best forex trade cashback, you can stand in the other side of the perspective to see things, that is, whether you can turn my world into your world This society has a lot of adults, not yet out of childish behavior a little thing to argue with others to argue the first characteristic of immaturity: immediately want to He does not know that only in the spring sowing, the fall will harvest many people in doing anything, just pay a little, immediately want to get a return (learn piano, learn English, etc., just start to feel difficult, found that not, immediately Bestforextradecashback to give up) many people in business, the beginning of what is not achieved, you want to give up, some people give up a month, some people give up three months, some people give up half a year, some people give up, some people give up a year. I do not understand why people give up easily, but I know that giving up is a habit, a typical losers habit so that you have to have vision, to look farther, vision is used to see the future! For people who have the habit of giving up in life, there is a sentence must be given to you: "Successful people never give up, give up never succeed" Then why do many people do things easily give up? The famous American success master Napoleon Hill said: "The poor have two very typical mentality: one, always say no to the opportunity; two, always want to get rich overnight" Today you put Today you put any opportunity in front of him, he will say "no" is today you open a restaurant is very successful, you open a restaurant success, from the heart to tell your friends and family, let them also go to open a restaurant, you can guarantee that each of them will open a restaurant? Are there still people who do not do it? So this is a very typical mentality of the poor, he will say: "You can, I can not!" The manifestation of being rich overnight is that if you tell him about any business, his first question is "Do you make money", and if you say "yes", he will immediately ask the second question "Is it easy? ", you say "easy", then he followed by the third question "fast or not", you say "fast! At this point he said, "Yes, I do!" Oh, you see, he is so childish! Think about it, in this world there is no kind of "and earn money, and easy, and fast"? No, even if there is not our turn ah, so that in life, we must know how to pay that why you have to pay it? Because you are paying for the pursuit of your dreams people are living for hopes and dreams, if a person has no dreams, no pursuit, then there is no meaning in life! In life what you want to get, you have to pay what you want to get time, you have to pay time, you want to get money, you have to pay money you want to get hobbies, you have to sacrifice hobbies you want to have more time with your family, you first have to be with your family less together but, one thing is clear, you pay in this project, will get double the return like a seed, you put After you plant it, water it, fertilize it, hoe it, kill the insects, and finally you reap the rewards of dozens and hundreds of times? In life, you must know how to pay, you do not want to be so eager, immediately want to get the return of the world is not free lunch, you easily can not be successful must know how to pay first! The second characteristic of immaturity of people: not self-discipline not self-discipline where the main performance? A, unwilling to change themselves you want to change their own way of thinking and behavior patterns, you want to change your bad habits In fact, between people, the ability is not much difference, the difference is the difference in the way of thinking a thing happens, you go to ask the successful and failures, their answers are different, and even contrary to our unsuccessful today because our way of thinking is not successful a good formula is. When you plant a seed of thinking, you will have the harvest of action; when you plant the action down, you will have the harvest of habit; when you then plant the habit down, you will have the harvest of personality; when you then plant the personality down, you will decide your fate But if you plant a seed of failure, you get must be failure, if you plant a seed of success, then you must will be successful many people have a lot of bad habits, such as watching TV, playing mahjong, drinking, soaking dance halls, they also know that such habits are not good, but why they are not willing to change it? Because many people prefer to put up with those bad lifestyle, but also unwilling to endure the pain brought about by the change two, willing to talk about others behind the back if in life, you like to talk about other peoples words, one day will certainly spread back, there is an old Chinese saying, on the people who are right and wrong, will be right and wrong people three, negative, complaining about which people you like in life? Are those who are sad all day, complain about this and that all day long, or like those who are happy all day long If you are those who complain in life, negative people, you must change the defects in your character If you do not change, you are very difficult to adapt to the society, you are also very difficult to cooperate with others in life, how you treat life, life will also treat you; how you treat How you treat others, others will also treat you so you do not negative, complaining, you have to be positive, always positive, is the saying: successful people never complain, complainers never succeed the third characteristic of immaturity: often swayed by emotions a persons success depends on five factors: 1) learn to control emotions; 2) a healthy body; 3) good interpersonal relationships; 4) time management; 5) Financial management If you want to succeed, you must learn to manage these five factors Why put emotions in the first place and health in the second place? Because in time you have a strong body again, if you have a bad mood, it will affect your body Now, a person to succeed, 20% by the IQ, 80% by the emotional intelligence, so you have to control your emotions, emotions on people is very big impact between people, do not for a little thing, it is not good to storm, so in life, you have to develop "Three no", "three more" mentality: "three no" - no criticism, no complaints, no accusations "Three more" - more encouragement, more praise, more praise you will become a popular person in the community if you want to make your partner more excellent, it is simple, always motivate and praise them, even if they do have problems then what should be done? Shouldnt that be the time to give them advice? In life, you will find such a phenomenon, when someone gives advice to others, others can accept, but sometimes others will be angry in fact, the most important way of advice is the "sandwich": praise, advice, and then praise! Think about it, how many people have you praised in a day? Some people may think that praise is to praise, is to pat the horses back praise and praise is different, praise has four characteristics: 1, is sincere; 2, is from the heart; 3, accepted by the public; 4, selfless if you have a strong purpose to praise, that is to pat the horses back when you praise others, you have to say it out loud, when you want to criticize others When you want to criticize others, you must bite your tongue! The fourth characteristic of human immaturity: unwillingness to learn, self-righteousness, no zero mentality In fact, there are many similarities between people and animals, animals have a stronger sense of self-preservation than people (babies and piglets), but the biggest difference between people and animals is that people will learn, people will think people are constantly learning, you must not bury your natural potential must learn, must have an empty cup of Who do we learn from? It is to learn directly from successful people! You must always learn positive things, do not look and listen to those negative negative things once you absorb those toxic ideas, it will corrupt your mind and life in this era of knowledge economy, learning is your only passport to the future in such an era of speed, change, crisis, you will not be abandoned by the times only continuous learning must have the mentality of learning, to zero, to see every A persons merits, "three people, there must be my teacher"! The fifth characteristic of immaturity: do things not rely on faith, rely on peoples words we say, believe is the starting point, persistence is the end of many people do not rely on faith, like to listen to what others say, do not have 100% confidence in the business they do believe and faith are two different concepts, believe is visible, faith is invisible faith is a human attitude but many people do not rely on faith, but to listen to How others say you want to climb the mountain, ask those who have climbed to the top, never ask those who have not climbed the mountain here is not to say that other peoples advice not to listen, you can go to reference, but you have to remember that you come to do this business is to achieve your dream, to achieve your own value other people will not care about your dream, only you care about your own dream, only you care about yourself whether you can This is the most important thing! As long as your choice is correct, never care what others say about the above five characteristics of immaturity, you yourselves to control, which one of the characteristics you have, you must correct in the shortest possible time as long as you believe that you can overcome their own immaturity, you will gradually grow, mature, you will get the kind of life you want, you will achieve your time freedom, financial freedom, spiritual freedom of life dream! Spiritual freedom of life dream!